Traditional vs. Digital: Why You Shouldn’t Choose One

Digital seems to be the newest and greatest thing in communication in the last twenty years. It’s like a shiny new toy that everyone has to have and can’t think of anything else. In the industry’s great excitement over digital, they've nearly completely forgotten about traditional media and the value they hold. But PR pros don’t have to … Continue reading Traditional vs. Digital: Why You Shouldn’t Choose One

Event Recap: Stockton PRSSA’s #CommIn14

This past weekend I had the chance to connect with The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey’s chapter of PRSSA while attending their networking event, Communication Innovation 2014: A Puzzle Piece To Your Future. I first met Stockton PRSSA President, Siera Smith, at the PRSSA National Conference this past October. I was so excited to … Continue reading Event Recap: Stockton PRSSA’s #CommIn14

It’s Official – Everyone Loves An iPhone!

For any aspiring Public Relations professional, owning a smart phone is a necessity. Public Relations work never ceases to end so being able to be available 24/7 is a must. As a previous dedicated BlackBerry user turned iPhone lover, I was thrilled to find out that the world really does love Apple. RIM? Not so … Continue reading It’s Official – Everyone Loves An iPhone!

Election Media Coverage Goes Digital

Any student in public relations knows, or should know, how important it is to keep up with news. So in the face of a current election year, it is that much more important to be in the know. Some students, maybe even professionals, may have found it hard to keep up with every single aspect … Continue reading Election Media Coverage Goes Digital

NATO Launches Tweet-Seeking Missile at Taliban

NATO, the most advanced military alliance in the world, just unveiled a new weapon in the fight against terrorism: the tweet-seeking missile. The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), NATO’s security and development arm in Afghanistan, unleashed a slew of these tweet-seeking missiles against a Taliban-run Twitter account last week after Taliban gunman opened fire on … Continue reading NATO Launches Tweet-Seeking Missile at Taliban