What PR Professionals Can Learn From This Girl Scout

This past President's Day, 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei decided to set up shop outside of a San Francisco medical marijuana clinic, The Green Cross. Needless to say, her Girl Scout cookie sales skyrocketed. With the help of her mother, Lei sold over 117 boxes of cookies in just two short hours. What's more? She … Continue reading What PR Professionals Can Learn From This Girl Scout

Delivery is Key

What makes a consumer pick Nike over Adidas or Tide over Gain? Brand loyalty has been tied to millions if not billions dollars a year in market research in the science behind how a consumer connects with a brand. Recently the majority of research in brand loyalty is getting those consumers who are infrequent or … Continue reading Delivery is Key

Groupon is Not for Every New Business

One of the hardest tasks for a new business is starting a relationship with the public. How does one manage a relationship with the public if the public doesn’t know the company exists?Recently, new businesses have been utilizing a website known as Groupon to gain public recognition.The site features a deal a day from a … Continue reading Groupon is Not for Every New Business

All About the Blogs

Yesterday at our staff meeting, Assistant Firm Director Emily Woodward and Director of PR Michelle Voli held a blogging workshop intended to help guide staff members when writing their guest blog posts (find them here every Saturday and Sunday).With blogging at the forefront yesterday, Faculty Advisor Gregg Feistman told me about a recent article he … Continue reading All About the Blogs

What Do Changing Demographics Mean for Marketers?

A key component in public relations is understanding your client and their audience and knowing how to create and manage communication between them. The 2010 census reveals a significant increase of the Hispanic population in the United States. With Hispanic Heritage Month approaching, author Greg Beaubien highlights the impact the growing Hispanic population will have … Continue reading What Do Changing Demographics Mean for Marketers?