Skipping Cancun for Cover Letters

For Temple students, Spring Break officially starts tomorrow. While a few of my friends may be skipping the colder Philadelphia weather for bikinis and sandy beaches, I know several others who are using this next week to catch up on their job search. With many of us so bogged down by classes, internships, jobs and … Continue reading Skipping Cancun for Cover Letters

Cover Letter Cues from RKPR

We constantly hear professionals complaining about the horrid cover letters they receive during hiring time and it’s not something us young professionals should be proud of. Many very qualified students don’t get opportunities they may be fit for solely because of easily corrected errors in the application process. San Diego PR Professional, Rachel Kay CEO … Continue reading Cover Letter Cues from RKPR

To Follow Up or To Not Follow Up

As a last semester senior it is job search time! As I mail, email and submit resumes and cover letters left and right, I have been wondering if it is appropriate to follow up after sending a resume. So I took to the Internet to conduct some research on whether or not I should follow … Continue reading To Follow Up or To Not Follow Up