Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 2

Pretty as a Picture One of the most difficult components of creating a blog is actually designing it. Your readership is based on the first impression your blog gives to the audience. You want your blog to look inviting, appealing and simple. Design & Layout  Provide accessibility. A blog must look aesthetically pleasing to catch … Continue reading Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 2

Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 1

In the communications field, professors and industry moguls are always preaching about the benefits of blogging. However, the hardest part about blogs is actually making one. While the task may seem daunting, here is where you can start. Content & Audience The first step in creating a blog is deciding what the focus will be. … Continue reading Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 1

Do You Disclose?

When it comes to making a purchase, consumers will almost always attempt to get an honest review from someone they trust. Word of mouth carries more weight than any infomercial or glossy magazine advertisement. Consumers already feel that brands are often more concerned with their bottom line than the actual consumer experience, so they hope … Continue reading Do You Disclose?

The Problem with Pop-Ups

As public relations professionals, we often become so passionate about our clients and work that we can’t wait to find some way to share it with the masses. From television to the blogosphere, we are always looking for a new medium to share information. Unfortunately, our goal to gain readership and increase awareness can often … Continue reading The Problem with Pop-Ups

Inspire to Share

No matter what new technologies surface, word of mouth has been and always will be one of the greatest forms of endorsements. While that does not mean you shouldn't take pride in your 1,000+ Twitter or Instagram followers, you must consider how engaged your followers, friends, and connections really are. Your brand must not only … Continue reading Inspire to Share