What does it mean to have a “PR Vibe”?

http://guardianlv.com/ Last week, I was running errands and stopped in a pharmacy. Slightly exhausted from the week of interning and working at various positions, I was sure that I looked a bit unkempt at best. Upon reaching the register, I began to have a conversation with the cashier, which eventually led her to ask me … Continue reading What does it mean to have a “PR Vibe”?

Communicating Abroad

The summer is officially in swing, vacations have been planned, study abroad semesters have started, and you might soon find yourself in international waters. Though time abroad should be spent enjoying and embedding oneself in a new culture, it is also a great opportunity to network with people who work in different cultural environments who … Continue reading Communicating Abroad

How Introverts Can Succeed in PR

It is a common misconception that introverts lack social skills and an awareness of standard social cues. By that extension, it would appear that the world of public relations, with its emphasis on social interaction and networking, would be an ill fit for an introvert. On the contrary, introverts with their characteristics of thoughtfulness, prudence and creativity, can bring … Continue reading How Introverts Can Succeed in PR