The Importance of Providing Client Feedback

Public relations campaigns thrive from successful collaboration between the client and professionals. The client relies on the agency/PR professional to deliver the materials necessary to grow, and we rely on the client for providing feedback and vision to help the campaign come to life. The end result is a purely symbiotic relationship that, when properly … Continue reading The Importance of Providing Client Feedback

6 Ways To Discover A Great PR Client

When working at an agency, clients come and go. There are good clients, bad clients, mediocre clients, and there are great clients. At PRowl PR, we have been fortunate to have a history of retaining great clients.  After working with PRowl PR for the past three years, I have noticed that there are certain traits … Continue reading 6 Ways To Discover A Great PR Client

Choosing the Right Client

Here at PRowl, we choose our clients just like any other firm does. We initially correspond via email, and then set up a meeting to talk about working together, what the client wants, and what we can do for them. It's important to have these meetings, because you learn what you can and cannot do … Continue reading Choosing the Right Client