Miley Cyrus, PR Pro?

It has been over a month since Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, yet she is still making it into every magazine, newspaper and website we can get our hands on. Whether it’s twerking with a foam finger to a national audience, breaking off her engagement with fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, or hitting No. 1 on Billboard Hot … Continue reading Miley Cyrus, PR Pro?

How to #Hashtag on Facebook

It has been a little over two months since Facebook rolled out it's hashtag feature and some brands have been utilizing as a potential tool to drive engagement. Although it hasn't gained much traction yet, Simply Measured's recent study found that brand adoption of Facebook hashtags had increased by 20% by the end of July.  … Continue reading How to #Hashtag on Facebook

Pin it to Win It

The new Pinterest has been circulating around the social media block. I'm personally a fan, all you have to do is "pin" things that you like; food, fashion, decor, people, and even art. The things you pin will then go on their designated board, showcasing your personal boards to the public. But bored college students … Continue reading Pin it to Win It

Effective Use of Social Media: What it Means to Build a Brand

As PR and marketing companies continue to increasingly utilize social media, questions concerning the affect social media has on the industry seem to come up quite often. How are companies capitalizing on the use of branding through social media? What are the benefits of using Facebook and Twitter? How important is blogging to PR and … Continue reading Effective Use of Social Media: What it Means to Build a Brand

Guerrilla Marketing Sensations

Everyone loves guerrilla marketing tactics. They're outrageous, unexpected, creative and ridiculously successful at generating a buzz for your product. They cost little money and are a thousand times more effective at capturing the attention of consumers over standard advertising. I have had the opportunity to help generate stunts for student organizations that I'm involved in … Continue reading Guerrilla Marketing Sensations

Cryptic Clues about UCLA’s Internet Celebration

Did you know that the first Internet message was sent by professor Leonard Kleinrock of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA 40 years ago? Many people think the Internet was created at MIT, but it was the communications team’s job at UCLA to inform you otherwise. In order to celebrate … Continue reading Cryptic Clues about UCLA’s Internet Celebration

Customer Service: Good PR at the Ground Level

While visiting my hometown of Lancaster recently, my boyfriend and I observed an excellent example of PR at the ground level.My boyfriend purchased a watch in April from the Fossil outlet. At the time, we were thrilled with the customer service we received, particularly because the employees removed links to custom fit the watch--in just … Continue reading Customer Service: Good PR at the Ground Level

Find Food on Twitter!

Here in Philadelphia, food trucks are very popular. Trucks park along curbs all over the city and serve hot food at cheap prices--on the fly. At Temple alone, I can think of over 15 food trucks lining various streets on campus. Many people have their favorite foods they like to get from their favorite trucks.But … Continue reading Find Food on Twitter!

Domino’s Turns to Buzz Marketing. Will it Work?

Domino's Pizza is turning to buzz marketing in its latest campaign. In its TV ad, the company explains that they are so confident in their product that they do not feel the need to doctor or manipulate their pizzas for commercial purposes. Instead, the company is turning to its customers and the public at large … Continue reading Domino’s Turns to Buzz Marketing. Will it Work?