“Let’s Meet Over Lunch!” A Guide to Acing an Interview Over a Meal

I’ve always loved to cook and go out to eat, and I have had my fair share of part time jobs. I’ve noticed in college that we talk about restaurants all the time, and we talk about our jobs and internships all the time. Why don’t we talk about how to handle when the two … Continue reading “Let’s Meet Over Lunch!” A Guide to Acing an Interview Over a Meal

Top Five Twitter Etiquette Tips

Twitter has quickly become the most relevant social media websites, and is especially important in the public relations world. Twitter can be used for a wide variety of things, such as furthering one’s personal brands, connecting with other professionals and organizations and staying connected with what’s going on both in and out of the United … Continue reading Top Five Twitter Etiquette Tips

Bonjour! A Little PR from Paris

At this very moment I'm across the pond being captivated by the beauty of France. In addition to visits to cultural landmarks, tours of the most beautiful landscapes, and dining at divine restaurants, I've also been to visit several different companies. We've been to see the French Fashion Institute, Hermes, and Peugeot and are set … Continue reading Bonjour! A Little PR from Paris