Making The Most Of Your Remote Internship

My internship this fall is a little different than most. Instead of going into an office two or three days a week, I work either from home or the computer lab. Because the company does not have enough space in their office for me, I am able to work from any place I want. Here … Continue reading Making The Most Of Your Remote Internship

PPRA Annual Meeting Recap

Wednesday evening at the PPRA Annual Meeting, the Philadelphia Public Relations Association honored past Temple University PRSSA President, Mackenzie Krott, with the PPRA Dr. Jean Brodey Award. This award honors a student for outstanding interest and professional promise in the field of public relations, academic excellence and community contribution. With a warm welcoming of applause … Continue reading PPRA Annual Meeting Recap

PRSSA National Leadership Rally Recap

This past weekend I had the pleasure to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona to represent Temple’s chapter of PRSSA at PRSSA National Leadership Rally! The weekend was filled with incredible speakers, breakout sessions that left you feeling more motivated than ever, and almost 100 eager PRSSA Presidents, ready to take their chapter to the next level! … Continue reading PRSSA National Leadership Rally Recap

What I have learned from PRowl

This time last year, I received an email from Niki Ianni telling me I was officially hired to be part of PRowl Public Relations and I cried and called my parents immediately. I was so excited to be part of something so incredible and to start my career as a young PR student. After a … Continue reading What I have learned from PRowl

Managing Multiple Clients…Successfully

As aspiring PR professionals, we are constantly juggling multiple clients at any given time and this can bring upon confusion and potential mistakes. The following 4 steps to manage multiple clients will eliminate any potential for confusion or mistakes!Work on each client a little each day- It is very easy to get caught up in … Continue reading Managing Multiple Clients…Successfully

Landing Your Dream Internship

As public relations students we love to make lists are all over my desk are lists: to do, to make, to buy, but my most important list is posted right next to my desk, my dream internship list. Everyone has one, the internship you would love to have and start doing what you ultimately want … Continue reading Landing Your Dream Internship

Common Misconceptions of Public Relations

Being home for summer vacation means running into old family, friends, and acquaintances who love to ask me what I am studying at school. When I say public relations, I get a few different responses. Sometimes, it is a simply a vague, “oh, how nice,” and other times I get, “Oh, you are a spin … Continue reading Common Misconceptions of Public Relations

How I Found My PR Way: Tree House Books

When I registered for my US Society Gen-Ed class, Education in the Global City, my last expectation of the class was to find the field of PR that I wanted to work in. As a requirement of our class, we needed 1 hour per week of fieldwork in an urban education setting and I decided … Continue reading How I Found My PR Way: Tree House Books

Don’t just be another interviewee: the importance of a post-interview follow-up

Sending a thank you email after an interview is an important part of the job search process. Whether you are interviewing for a permanent position, a paid internship, or an unpaid internship, do not consider the interview to be over until you have sent the thank you note.Within 24 hours of your interview, send an … Continue reading Don’t just be another interviewee: the importance of a post-interview follow-up