WTF is Peach?

You’ve probably heard about the latest social media app, Peach, but are wondering what exactly it is? Trying to learn about it from online research was only making me more confused, so I figured I would learn by doing. Long gone are the days of Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines. Peach’s “timeline” is considered … Continue reading WTF is Peach?

The Forefronts of Fashion Social Media

Fashion, while a form of expression and uniqueness, is extremely superficial. The industry is all about appearance, and the creatives who design collections are always competing against one another to see who comes out on top in terms of creativity, innovation, and indulgence. That’s why, when looking for social media and branding inspiration, fashion accounts … Continue reading The Forefronts of Fashion Social Media

Rebranding Geek

Newsflash, geek is officially chic. Avengers: Age of Ultron grossed $1.2 billion worldwide, Game of Thrones’ season five finale was watched by over 8 million people and over 130,000 people attended San Diego Comic-Con this past summer. Nerdiness is no longer a niche market, but is already settling comfortably into the mainstream. The most interesting … Continue reading Rebranding Geek

How to keep your brand relevant

In today’s society, trends can come and go in the blink of an eye. Cellphones that sold out on their release dates 2 years ago are now distributed for free with a prepaid data plan, and music artists that dominated the top 40 radio stations last summer are now struggling to sell copies of their albums. With such a rapidly changing environment, relevancy … Continue reading How to keep your brand relevant

What Brand Loyalty Means for PR

The power of branding has become more evident in recent years than ever before. A brand of coffee is no longer just "a brand" it becomes "my brand." In every category you could imagine, consumers are attaching themselves to what they believe are the heart and soul of the brands they love. Brand loyalty isn't … Continue reading What Brand Loyalty Means for PR

PRSSA National Conference: Chapter Branding

Attending PRSSA National Conference is like hitting the lottery for a PR student. It’s where all the best and brightest future leaders of the industry meet to learn, discuss trends, exchange ideas and, of course, business cards. This year, conference was conveniently hosted in Temple’s hometown of Philadelphia, allowing for a total of 40 members … Continue reading PRSSA National Conference: Chapter Branding