Why Start a Blog?

In this digital-age, everyone has a blog. Blogs come in different styles, types and formats. As a hopeful PR professional, a blog can help jump start your career. While they take time and dedication, the end result is well worth it. Here are a few benefits to launching your own blog. Writing Examples: As long as … Continue reading Why Start a Blog?

#WhatShouldWeCallMe? My Last Blog Post!

As this is my last post for the PRowl blog, I find myself looking back on the semester and the hard work myself and the rest of the PRowl team has done to provide readers with useful, informative posts. Aside from professionalism, blogs can be entertaining as well (Gasp!). My final post will focus on … Continue reading #WhatShouldWeCallMe? My Last Blog Post!

The Value of a Mentor

As I watched the class of 2011 graduate last week, I realized how instrumental this group of young leaders has been in raising the bar for the underclassmen that will soon follow in their footsteps. These graduates have served as mentors for all of us, which is extremely important as young PR professionals.In her recent … Continue reading The Value of a Mentor

Blogs in Crisis Management

Blogs often get a bad rep for being unreliable. However, in the past couple years, blogs have effectively been used as a tool in crisis management. Jeff Domansky of Ragan.com offered 10 ways blogs can be and have been used to communicate during a crisis. Some key points he addressed were: Quick Response-Using a blog … Continue reading Blogs in Crisis Management

Philadelphia PR Agency Blogs

In Philadelphia, there are many Public Relations agencies that try to reach out to the world through blogging. Below are some examples of agencies that use this tactic and an overview of each of their blogs.Buchanan PR BlogBuchanan PR uses their blog to help advise the public on proper networking etiquette and even how to … Continue reading Philadelphia PR Agency Blogs

PR Blogs Worth Reading (And More!)

"Top PR campaigns," "Top social media strategies," "Top crises," "Top people," "Top mistakes," "Top firms," etc. "Top, Top, Top" is seemingly all people like to write about in December. Although these "top" lists can be repetitive and frustrating when seeking new content, they are often very helpful in wrapping-up the end of the year and … Continue reading PR Blogs Worth Reading (And More!)

New Gap logo – PR ploy or bad rebranding?

If you haven't seen or heard yet, the Gap brand has changed its logo (see picture above) to the dismay of seemingly everyone who has taken a look.Now Gap is supposedly backtracking and accepting new designs from the public.The clothing company posted the following on their Facebook page after allowing the fire of comments to … Continue reading New Gap logo – PR ploy or bad rebranding?

All About the Blogs

Yesterday at our staff meeting, Assistant Firm Director Emily Woodward and Director of PR Michelle Voli held a blogging workshop intended to help guide staff members when writing their guest blog posts (find them here every Saturday and Sunday).With blogging at the forefront yesterday, Faculty Advisor Gregg Feistman told me about a recent article he … Continue reading All About the Blogs

Happy Social Media Day!

Mashable, the number one social media blog in the world, has declared today as Social Media Day- a day dedicated to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social, honoring the advancement in technology that has allowed us to connect with and engage people all over the world.So how are we all celebrating this new holiday? … Continue reading Happy Social Media Day!