5 Signs You Shouldn’t Start A Blog

"Why don't you start a blog," is a sentiment heard by most PR students when they enter their programs. We are encouraged to take the plunge, put our skills to use and start creating our own content for the world to see. Starting a blog is easier than ever; you can launch a complete website … Continue reading 5 Signs You Shouldn’t Start A Blog

How I Built My PR Credibility Over Spring Break

It is has reached that point in the semester where it is time to start applying for summer internships or job positions. With ten days of spring break vacation I had the opportunity to work on this without worrying about school related obligations. Spring break is a convenient time to build credibility.  Here are some … Continue reading How I Built My PR Credibility Over Spring Break

Blogging Conferences: The Prep List

photo via. Bloggers have a great opportunity to create organic and original platforms perfect for promoting various projects, clients and brands. Working with bloggers is great, as they usually operate in smaller teams and have a great passion for what they do. As a blogger looking to work with brands and sponsors, it is so important … Continue reading Blogging Conferences: The Prep List

6 Amazing Conferences for Bloggers

The blogging industry, which started as a small community, has now blossomed into a booming marketplace. Bloggers are no longer just consumers and small time writers with a hobby, they are brands and small business professionals. Just like professionals in any other industry, bloggers are always looking for ways to grow their blogs and brands, … Continue reading 6 Amazing Conferences for Bloggers

Promote Your Blog–For FREE!

Blogs have become an extremely important part of public relations, media, and online interaction. There are many blogs that have tremendous following and can have a great impact.  As blogs have become more relevant, it seems that everyone wants to start one.  Since this is the case, it's important to set yourself apart from the crowd. You … Continue reading Promote Your Blog–For FREE!

A Guide to the Perfect Guest Blog

Guest blogging is a great way to gain writing experience, and help to get your name out there; especially as young PR students. As PRowl's Director of Public Relations, one of my main responsibilities is to manage the guest blog posts which are posted each weekend. Before I was a guest blogger, I often struggled … Continue reading A Guide to the Perfect Guest Blog