Interning and Inspired

Currently, I am interning with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). I have always had a strong interest in the healthcare industry; therefore, I continue to be intrigued by the hospital’s brand, initiatives, and patient services. Yet, more often than not, I find myself taking off my PR lens and still being inspired. CHOP is … Continue reading Interning and Inspired

SEO 101: How to get your online work noticed

 Let’s be real here, there are millions of websites and web pages online. It’s an ocean of content, and all you are given is a search engine and your own vocabulary to find what you need.With that said, if you do not know how to write for search engine optimization (or SEO for short), you … Continue reading SEO 101: How to get your online work noticed

Help Me, I’m Stuck

As a member of the executive board, I am responsible for publishing a blog post every two weeks. This is a simple task, but sometimes I find myself struggling for inspiration. There are times I feel like I keep running into a brick wall when brainstorming for thoughtful ideas. I am dedicating this blog post … Continue reading Help Me, I’m Stuck

Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 2

Pretty as a Picture One of the most difficult components of creating a blog is actually designing it. Your readership is based on the first impression your blog gives to the audience. You want your blog to look inviting, appealing and simple. Design & Layout  Provide accessibility. A blog must look aesthetically pleasing to catch … Continue reading Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 2

Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 1

In the communications field, professors and industry moguls are always preaching about the benefits of blogging. However, the hardest part about blogs is actually making one. While the task may seem daunting, here is where you can start. Content & Audience The first step in creating a blog is deciding what the focus will be. … Continue reading Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 1

Is a personal website more important than ever?

Has anyone ever suggested to you to create a personal website other than LinkedIn? The thought of creating a website focusing on only you can be nerve-wracking at first. Don’t people see enough of your personal and professional life through other social media platforms? My opinion on a personal website changed after taking a Personal … Continue reading Is a personal website more important than ever?

3 Savvy Steps to Starting Your Own Blog

With summer around the corner, you may have your summer plans to a T or are scrambling last minute to ensure you have a productive four months. Whether you are working, interning or traveling, it is valuable to have a personal project on the side to keep your creative juices flowing. One project, great for … Continue reading 3 Savvy Steps to Starting Your Own Blog

The Importance of Blogging

If you are like me, you have always wanted to be ahead of the game. As a PR major, I always want to be informed of the newest social media tools, most innovative press release format, and more. However, there is one thing that I have been hesitating to do: starting a blog. Even though … Continue reading The Importance of Blogging

Get Ready To Blog!

Ever since I attended PRSSA National Conference last October, I decided I wanted to start my own blog. There are some lifestyle blogs I have been following for years , and numerous speakers at conference stressed how beneficial personal blog are for your personal brand. I have always loved to write and decided to start … Continue reading Get Ready To Blog!

Make it a PRoductive Summer

Happy summer! It’s incredible to see the dramatic difference in our availability as students when you eliminate a full class schedule. Perhaps you’ve made plans to intern, travel, or work this summer, or perhaps you’ve made plans to simply relax! Either way, it’s easy to incorporate PR building into your summer season. Here’s a few … Continue reading Make it a PRoductive Summer