3 Savvy Steps to Starting Your Own Blog

With summer around the corner, you may have your summer plans to a T or are scrambling last minute to ensure you have a productive four months. Whether you are working, interning or traveling, it is valuable to have a personal project on the side to keep your creative juices flowing. One project, great for … Continue reading 3 Savvy Steps to Starting Your Own Blog

Make it a PRoductive Summer

Happy summer! It’s incredible to see the dramatic difference in our availability as students when you eliminate a full class schedule. Perhaps you’ve made plans to intern, travel, or work this summer, or perhaps you’ve made plans to simply relax! Either way, it’s easy to incorporate PR building into your summer season. Here’s a few … Continue reading Make it a PRoductive Summer

Tips To Be A More Productive Blogger

Recently, PR Daily posted an article listing 23 ways to become a more productive blogger. From that list, I chose to highlight five tips that I feel could be most beneficial. Consider your workplace. Make sure you're in an environment that you can be the most productive in. Whether that's in a cafe full of people … Continue reading Tips To Be A More Productive Blogger

Turning Your Blog into a Business

For some people, blogging is just a way to openly express themselves and what their favorite hobbies and interests may be. There are thousands of different kinds of blogs ranging on all forms of subjects. However, as blogging has become more popular, more people have found that they can take something they considered to be … Continue reading Turning Your Blog into a Business