The Price of Social Influence

As social media networks have increased in size and profits over the years, the value of a strong social media presence has also increased. Websites and communities, such as Influenster, have developed all which focus on using the power of trend setters with high social worth to promote brands. When planning campaign, it's important to consider … Continue reading The Price of Social Influence

Blogging Conferences: The Prep List

photo via. Bloggers have a great opportunity to create organic and original platforms perfect for promoting various projects, clients and brands. Working with bloggers is great, as they usually operate in smaller teams and have a great passion for what they do. As a blogger looking to work with brands and sponsors, it is so important … Continue reading Blogging Conferences: The Prep List

Tips To Be A More Productive Blogger

Recently, PR Daily posted an article listing 23 ways to become a more productive blogger. From that list, I chose to highlight five tips that I feel could be most beneficial. Consider your workplace. Make sure you're in an environment that you can be the most productive in. Whether that's in a cafe full of people … Continue reading Tips To Be A More Productive Blogger

Do Bloggers Need Business Cards?

Blogging can range from being a sporadic hobby to a full time job. While it may be a nontraditional career choice, running a successful blog still requires the creation of a consistent brand. Like many other nontraditional self-employed entrepreneurs, there are plenty of opportunities where bloggers can travel, network, and promote their blog and their … Continue reading Do Bloggers Need Business Cards?

Promote Your Blog–For FREE!

Blogs have become an extremely important part of public relations, media, and online interaction. There are many blogs that have tremendous following and can have a great impact.  As blogs have become more relevant, it seems that everyone wants to start one.  Since this is the case, it's important to set yourself apart from the crowd. You … Continue reading Promote Your Blog–For FREE!

Do You Disclose?

When it comes to making a purchase, consumers will almost always attempt to get an honest review from someone they trust. Word of mouth carries more weight than any infomercial or glossy magazine advertisement. Consumers already feel that brands are often more concerned with their bottom line than the actual consumer experience, so they hope … Continue reading Do You Disclose?

Blogging for Childhood Cancer

The majority of blogs that I seem to follow, along with my peers, revolve around fashion, art, celebrities, music and humor. Blogs are great for that reason, there are so many of them that it's impossible to not find one to obsess over. But blogs are great for a lot of other reasons too. They … Continue reading Blogging for Childhood Cancer

We Are the Twenty Percent!

In the world of business, ROI is everything. In order to increase your ROI, you need to ensure you are delivering the right message, to the right audience, through the correct channel. Online, there are seven types of audiences: altruists, selectives, passionates, connectors, trendspotters, provocateurs, and careerists.Of these consumers, only 20% are high sharers, active … Continue reading We Are the Twenty Percent!

How To Reach Out to Bloggers

With the explosion of the internet over the past decade, every PR pro knows that no public relations campaign is complete without blogger outreach. Bloggers target certain niche audiences that may be hard to reach otherwise. Blogs also have a lot more credibility than ads that are paid for. Making strong connections with bloggers can … Continue reading How To Reach Out to Bloggers