Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 1

In the communications field, professors and industry moguls are always preaching about the benefits of blogging. However, the hardest part about blogs is actually making one. While the task may seem daunting, here is where you can start. Content & Audience The first step in creating a blog is deciding what the focus will be. … Continue reading Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 1

What PR Professionals Can Learn From This Girl Scout

This past President's Day, 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei decided to set up shop outside of a San Francisco medical marijuana clinic, The Green Cross. Needless to say, her Girl Scout cookie sales skyrocketed. With the help of her mother, Lei sold over 117 boxes of cookies in just two short hours. What's more? She … Continue reading What PR Professionals Can Learn From This Girl Scout

Ways To Embrace Your Audience

Blogging is about interaction.  While it’s great to deliver fantastic content, or have a brilliant style of writing, it’s seemingly useless if you don’t have strong followers to communicate with.  The purpose of blogging is to convey information to your readers and encourage conversation.  It is imperative, then, as a blogger, to make those who … Continue reading Ways To Embrace Your Audience

Pinter-what? Can Pinterest Appeal to Men?

I know from experience that many hours of life can be lost in the depths of Pinterest browsing through wedding dresses, recipes, and more, but do they exclude men?While DIY crafts and cute pictures of puppies might not appeal to the other sex, Pinterest needs to start promoting their pin-board based site to men in … Continue reading Pinter-what? Can Pinterest Appeal to Men?

Customizing your Social Media Approach

When you think social media, most individuals or companies will assume if they have a Facebook fan page, Twitter account and maybe even a blog, they'll be A OK when reaching their audience. Wrong! In order to effectively use social media, you need to first identify your goals rather than creating these pages that could … Continue reading Customizing your Social Media Approach