The Great Debate: the Oxford Comma

The oxford comma, also known as the serial comma, is one of those pieces of grammar that no one is ever sure if they should use or not.  For several years the oxford comma was the norm, but lately it has fallen to disuse and even gets edited out of writing. A main reason that … Continue reading The Great Debate: the Oxford Comma

Are You Familiar With The AP Stylebook?

The Associated Press Stylebook is an essential device for every journalist, editor and writer. If you have not yet  acquainted yourself with this book, you definitely should. As aspiring professionals in the communications field it's important we use this Stylebook as a reference when writing. I am currently taking a news writing and media relations … Continue reading Are You Familiar With The AP Stylebook?

AP StyleGuard: The Magic Solution for Writing in AP Style?

Last week the Associated Press released new “StyleGuard” software, which acts as a system to check for AP style mistakes in Microsoft Word documents. When I heard this, I was in shock, as well as many PR students probably are, that the idea had not been thought of before! This application could be the perfect … Continue reading AP StyleGuard: The Magic Solution for Writing in AP Style?

@APStylebook says e-mail is now email!

If you don't follow @APStylebook on Twitter yet, you should. The handle is the official Twitter of the AP Stylebook, aka - the PR and journalism bible.I was devastated about a year ago when AP style changed "Web site" to "website." It was one of those words that I had always thought was strange, but … Continue reading @APStylebook says e-mail is now email!

New AP Social Media Guidelines

The recently released 2010 edition of the AP Stylebook acknowledges the growing importance of social media with the addition of a Social Media Guidelines section. AP announced last week:"The new Social Media Guidelines section includes information and policies on using tools like Facebook and Twitter, how journalists can apply them to their work and how … Continue reading New AP Social Media Guidelines