Looking Forward: PRowl PR

What first started as a firm of less than 10 staff members and non-paying clients, has now transformed into a firm of 56 staff members and five paying clients. To continue the firm’s growth rate and communication between Temple students, specifically the School of Media and Communication, PRowl is implementing Professional Workshops and Twitter Chats, … Continue reading Looking Forward: PRowl PR

How To Stay Motivated For The Spring Semester

For many PRowlers, this is their last semester of their undergraduate college career at Temple University. Senioritis may have already kicked in for some, and for others, not quite yet. All of the students who are not graduating this semester and not yet job hunting, are probably most looking forward to summer vacation; taking a … Continue reading How To Stay Motivated For The Spring Semester

Staying On The Right Track

Lately I have felt like nothing has gone my way. Whether it is in school, work or my personal life, I have been feeling like I just can’t win. Although I was feeling down and not myself, I realized complaining and not tackling my problems only makes matters worse. If I wanted to succeed, I … Continue reading Staying On The Right Track

How To: Become A Leader – Step Up Today!

According to Dictionary.com, a leader is “a person or thing that leads.” To me, a leader is so much more than that. A leader is someone who goes above and beyond, who truly WANTS to make a difference. To lead is to inspire. Throughout my life I have taken every leadership opportunity that has come … Continue reading How To: Become A Leader – Step Up Today!

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

“Prior planning prevents poor performance” is what one of my high school teachers told me in class one day about three years ago. This quote was drilled into my head and has been in the back of my mind ever since. I never truly understood the importance of what he was telling me until college. … Continue reading Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance