Chipotle’s Offensive Twitter Hack

Chipotle Mexican Grill had a lot of cleaning up to do after the brand's Twitter account was hacked for two hours on Sunday morning. Hackers changed the account's avatar to a picture of a swastika, edited the bio information, and sent out multiple tweets using offensive language to attack President Obama and the government systems. … Continue reading Chipotle’s Offensive Twitter Hack

The PR of Commercials and Football

Today, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will take the field and play in the NFL's 49th annual Super Bowl. The Super Bowl takes on the traits of a holiday for football lovers across the country. We throw parties for friends and family, stocked with wings. fries, and brews. Not to mention, the … Continue reading The PR of Commercials and Football

Holiday Shopping in Your Inbox

Prepare for an inbox of coupons and promo codes this holiday season. We've taken e-mail for granted. We use it most often for business purposes rather than personal purposes, but it remains a tactic for marketing professionals everywhere.  E-blasts, promotional codes, weekly updates, and blog content are all sent out as attention-grabbers via e-mail. (Source: … Continue reading Holiday Shopping in Your Inbox

4 Tips For The Final Stretch of Your Internship

It's the last day at your internship. Now what? (Source) 1. Don't forget your portfolio pieces! You've worked hard for the last three months, take your hard work with you! Be sure to take a few extra minutes to think back and create a list of all of the tasks you've completed over the course … Continue reading 4 Tips For The Final Stretch of Your Internship

Get Inspired by a Story

Storytelling is a part of your everyday life - more than you realize. Talking to friends, calling your parents, answering a question in an interview, we all share stories as a form of communication and reflection. First Person Arts is Philadelphia's premiere storytelling non-profit, focused on using documentary and memoir art to reflect, learn, and … Continue reading Get Inspired by a Story

Museums at #PRSSANC

This weekend, PRowl traveled to Washington, D.C. for the 2014 National PRSSA Conference. Starting yesterday, PRowl is recapping some of the sessions, insights, and stories shared during the conference in our country's capital. My favorite session of the weekend was A Monumental View: What It Takes To Work in Museums and Public Places. Museums and … Continue reading Museums at #PRSSANC

Share A Coke, Share A Sale

Chances are you've seen Coca Cola's latest initiative, 'Share A Coke', whether it be while grocery shopping or while skimming Instagram. Soda has become a product placed in the category with things people don't necessarily feel good about buying - this puts companies in the niche industry under the same pressure as marketers of both … Continue reading Share A Coke, Share A Sale

Know Current Events: Political Satire

In order to understand the public, you must have a stable comprehension of what is going on in the news and what is currently surrounding the public. Current events are important in understanding the public's placement in emotional, financial, and sociocultural environments; this way you can strategize ways to approach your target audiences with this … Continue reading Know Current Events: Political Satire

Strategic Planning: Apple Inc. Event

What you will find interesting about this post is that I am not writing about what Apple has released today. That, I am not certain of. But when large companies release major news after a major lead-up - it's a great opportunity to analyze it from the PR prospective. Each year, consumers anticipate Apple's announcement … Continue reading Strategic Planning: Apple Inc. Event

PR at the Awards

This weekend celebrated the 31st Annual MTV Video Music Awards and the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.The Emmy Award acknowledges those who excel in the television industry, with nominees for categories such as Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actress - Miniseries or a Movie, and more, while the VMAs recognize those who excel … Continue reading PR at the Awards