Will You “Like” the New Facebook Ideas?

Rebranding is part of every marketing plan. A product hits a point when a new development plan needs to occur. Facebook has been around for many years, and over those years they have implements many new features to this system. And now they have decided to add three new aspects to this already popular social … Continue reading Will You “Like” the New Facebook Ideas?

The End of an Era

Never in Catholic history has there been a pope resign from their position, but that time has now come to an end. Just weeks ago, Pope Benedict XVI issued a statement announcing his resignation. This took not just those in the Catholic religion by storm, but everyone worldwide.  Pope Benedict has made the tough decision … Continue reading The End of an Era

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

As we are all aware, communication is one of the main aspects of public relations. As the technology age continues to grow, our interpersonal communication skills start to diminish. Interpersonal relations, which are the communication skills or relationships between people, are key in the public relations industry. Relationships are built off of the communication exchanges … Continue reading Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

How May We Not Serve You Today?

Why would you make a product audience members weren’t interested in? You wouldn’t, right? Social media has opened doors to help producers invent products that will make consumers interested in buying their product. Consumers are the most honest people out there; they are not looking to by a product that does not interest them. So, … Continue reading How May We Not Serve You Today?

We All Have to Grow Up Sometime

By the time college is over, we have entered into our early 20s.  Some of us may continue on to further schooling, while others venture out into the real world. Seeking the “perfect” job becomes our number one priority, which then leads to us hopefully living our perfect lives. Twenty-five becomes that magic number. When we … Continue reading We All Have to Grow Up Sometime