Dear 18 Year-Old Me

As I begin to write my final PRowl blog post as a now Temple alum, I can’t help but reflect on my last four years. I had an amazing college experience thanks to my family, friends, professors and student organizations I was a part of.  I wish someone would have given me some advice when I … Continue reading Dear 18 Year-Old Me

PRowl’s Seniors

PRowl is so PRoud of our seniors!Doug Bennett (Account Executive &Director of Finance)Doug is currently interviewing for corporate communications positions and is now an intern at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. During the summer, Doug will begin studying for the LSATs and then apply to law schools.Emily Ascani (Assistant Firm Director) Emily will be continuing to intern … Continue reading PRowl’s Seniors

Is Penn State’s THON now a PR Tactic?

It has been quite the year for Penn State with Jerry Sandusky’s sex abuse charges and the death of Joe Paterno. From a human perspective, it has been a year full of tragedy but from a public relations stand point, it has been a year of crisis management. Everyone’s question: Can Penn State recover?While the … Continue reading Is Penn State’s THON now a PR Tactic?

Transferable Skills: A PR Essential

As a PR major, it is essential to our success to develop transferable skills. Transferable skills can include anything from good organizational skills to remaining calm under pressure. Luckily for PR students at Temple University, there are a variety of ways to expand this skill set. From internships to student organizations, the possibilities are endless. … Continue reading Transferable Skills: A PR Essential

Missing: Important Leadership Traits

Leadership is a concept that everyone has discussed over and over again. Discussions about what makes a “good” leader frequent every classroom and workshop across the country. The older I get, the more I wonder about leadership and a person’s ability to lead effectively. My personal curiosity caused an exploration of those forgotten leadership traits … Continue reading Missing: Important Leadership Traits

Who Runs the World? GIRLS!

As a young woman and aspiring public relations professional, one thought about the future always crosses my mind: can I have it all? Any other female professional knows exactly what I’m talking about. Is it possible to have a successful career and the family or personal life that you desire? Beyonce’s empowering anthem gives us … Continue reading Who Runs the World? GIRLS!

Take Your Passion and Make It Happen

When you hear the word job, what do you think? There are several answers to this question, most connected to money and making a living. But what about your passion? Is that the same thing as a job? It probably should be, so that you’ll love what you do and ultimately will be better at … Continue reading Take Your Passion and Make It Happen

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

While studying abroad in Spain, I’ve come to understand how important it is to work effectively in small groups. I have been thrown into a foreign country with fourteen other students from Temple, who I didn’t know before. From coordinating plans to practicing a new language, working as a group has become a necessity. While … Continue reading Team Work Makes the Dream Work

All Work and No Play Means Trouble

For many of us, twenty-four hours is not enough in a single day! With classes, internships, jobs, and the hope of a social life, each of us is cramming as much as we can every day. While we are trying to keep up during this highly competitive age, working too much has some negative, lingering … Continue reading All Work and No Play Means Trouble

The Value of a Mentor

As I watched the class of 2011 graduate last week, I realized how instrumental this group of young leaders has been in raising the bar for the underclassmen that will soon follow in their footsteps. These graduates have served as mentors for all of us, which is extremely important as young PR professionals.In her recent … Continue reading The Value of a Mentor