Resume Refresher

It is hard to believe the beginning of the semester is right around the corner. Although you may not have classes for the next couple of weeks, this is the time to finish applying for fall internships. This may be the first time you have applied for an internship, or, it may be your third time. No … Continue reading Resume Refresher

PRSSA National PRSSA Conference 2012, Why You Should Attend.

For all of my fellow undergrads, the start of the fall session is just around the corner. Meetings and events for all of our professional organizations will also soon resume. Additionally, if you are an aspiring public relations professional and a member of PRSSA, which you should be, conference is also just around the corner. … Continue reading PRSSA National PRSSA Conference 2012, Why You Should Attend.

We All Have to Grow Up Sometime

By the time college is over, we have entered into our early 20s.  Some of us may continue on to further schooling, while others venture out into the real world. Seeking the “perfect” job becomes our number one priority, which then leads to us hopefully living our perfect lives. Twenty-five becomes that magic number. When we … Continue reading We All Have to Grow Up Sometime

Enjoy Summer Without Breaking The Bank

Interning in New York City has taught me many things this summer; one of them being how to be frugal.  When you don’t have a paid internship (I think we all at some point have to feel this pain), it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice fun. Whether you are in Philadelphia, New York … Continue reading Enjoy Summer Without Breaking The Bank

7 Things You Should Know

If you are a communications student you’re certainly aware of just how tough it is to obtain your dream job. Whether you’re an incoming college freshman or a soon to be graduate, it is crucial that you do these 7 things before you leave college life and enter the “real world.”1. Have a clear goal: Almost … Continue reading 7 Things You Should Know

Can You Survive On A Social Media Salary?

There is a new trend on Google, and it's the keyword search for the salary of a social media manager. Your parents probably already don't understand your career choice and just want to know that you will be able to afford to eat and to put a roof over your head. You on the otherhand … Continue reading Can You Survive On A Social Media Salary?

Confronting Criticism

Speaking from experience, I have a hard time adhering to constructive criticism sometimes. Being a perfectionist, not to mention stubborn, it's hard to admit when I am wrong. Part of being a good leader is realizing your mistakes and taking as much as you can from constructive criticism to better yourself in the future. Below … Continue reading Confronting Criticism