Native Advertising: The Cure to Pop-Ups and Mobile Ad Blockers?

As our world moves toward mobile-based technology, the Internet advertising community continues to take a hit. Though we occasionally see pop-up ads on desktops, ad blockers on laptops and mobile devices prevent such advertisements from coming up. This begs the question - in an increasingly mobile-based world, how are Internet advertisers to get around the … Continue reading Native Advertising: The Cure to Pop-Ups and Mobile Ad Blockers?

The PR of Commercials and Football

Today, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will take the field and play in the NFL's 49th annual Super Bowl. The Super Bowl takes on the traits of a holiday for football lovers across the country. We throw parties for friends and family, stocked with wings. fries, and brews. Not to mention, the … Continue reading The PR of Commercials and Football

Is Nine West on the Hunt for Fast Publicity?

Social media has been a buzz with opinions and backlash at shoe company Nine West's new advertising campaign. Recently, the company unveiled a series of images and online ads encouraging women to purchase shoes fitted for their most momentous occasions. While many events come to mind when mentioning momentous moments for women ages 25-49, Nine … Continue reading Is Nine West on the Hunt for Fast Publicity?

The Mix Up: Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising

It’s safe to say that for our generation public relations, marketing and advertising are all in one professional melting pot. This wasn’t always the case, but in recent years it has shown that the best campaigns and strategic plans involve a portion of each. Many public relations internship descriptions will be linked to these two other … Continue reading The Mix Up: Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising

Taco Bell’s Clever Campaign

If I wasn't in public relations, I have a strong fascination in advertising and yesterday I saw a commercial that blew me away. Recently Taco Bell has introduced a new breakfast menu to their chain's selections. In order to promote their new options, they released an ad campaign with real people's reactions after trying the breakfast … Continue reading Taco Bell’s Clever Campaign

Why Are PR Students Taking Jobs in Other Fields?

As graduation looms closer each day, the job hunt has begun for many college seniors. When chatting with fellow classmates about where they might see themselves post-grad, many have told me that they have no intention of actually going into public relations. To a PR-obsessed person like me, this sounds absurd (why would you ever … Continue reading Why Are PR Students Taking Jobs in Other Fields?

The Smartest Super Bowl Commercial

It seems the general consensus about the Super Bowl commercials is that they were overall a bit...underwhelming this year. However, the first commercial to air after the big game caused a huge buzz on Twitter. Esurance aired a commercial promoting a contest they are hosting worth $1.5 million! Within seconds of the commercial airing, #EsuranceSave30 … Continue reading The Smartest Super Bowl Commercial

The Best Ads of 2013

AdWeek chose their top ten ads of 2013.  You can check them out here. The list includes KMart's Ship My Pants commercial and the Dove Real Beauty Sketches commercial, among others. The ten videos that made the cut had a lot in common.  They were all either touching and heartwarming, like Chipotle's "The Scarecrow" … Continue reading The Best Ads of 2013

Think Outside the Box: Internships

It's about the time that college students are applying for fall internships, if they haven't already.  I've been looking around at internships suggested by classmates, emailed to me by my advisor, and posted online--the usual places.  Then a coworker at my current internship asked me if I had ever worked at a TV station.  She encouraged … Continue reading Think Outside the Box: Internships

Debate: Earned vs. Paid Media

By definition, the biggest difference between advertising and public relations is that company's pay for media advertisements in advertising, while public relations professionals must earn media coverage. Recently, certain reporters and bloggers have tried to charge for coverage. Essentially, if the PR person for ABC company wants a certain reporter to cover their story, then … Continue reading Debate: Earned vs. Paid Media