Role Model, Or Not?

If you haven't heard about the latest Michael Phelps scandal, you're probably living under a rock. It was the topic of discussion in all of my classes yesterday, except for one. This article explains everything about Phelps' marijuana-smoking picture that was released this weekend.Some of the conversations we had included:He's in the public eye, so … Continue reading Role Model, Or Not?

Now that the Olympics are Over…

What were your favorite moments from the 2008 Summer Olympics?Metro compiles a list of the top 10 best and worst moments here. Do you agree, disagree?I personally agree with their #1 best moment:"Michael Phelps. He's kind of good. Eight for eight, and newfound world fame."Is something missing from this list? Let us know what you … Continue reading Now that the Olympics are Over…

Eco-Friendly Olympics?

It's been all over the news: the air quality of China. According to a study done by Steven Packham, from the Utah Division of Air Quality, three days in China is the equivalent of spending an entire month in Utah. (Utah's air quality around the Wasatch Mountains is very poor and loaded with particulate matter.) … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Olympics?

China’s "Smiling Angel"

No one can deny the excitement, precision and beauty of the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic games. China spent large amounts of time and money preparing to open the games in a way that would be remembered forever. Everything had to be perfect, including the little girl who sang at the ceremony. So what … Continue reading China’s "Smiling Angel"

Olympics Fashion

I have been extremely excited for the 2008 Olympic Games.All I have been talking about for the last week has been swimming, gymnastics, China, Opening Ceremonies, President Bush, human rights, etc. etc. etc. Lets just say the Olympics has been on my mind.So, on Wednesday I was thrilled when Project Runway dedicated an episode to … Continue reading Olympics Fashion

Bush at the Olympics

The Beijing Olympics has been a public relations disaster from the very beginning.I am going to avoid discussing the terrible human rights infractions that China inflicts upon its people, and focus instead on another issue that has recently been in the news.Why is President Bush attending the Olympic Games?Bush insists that sports and politics don't … Continue reading Bush at the Olympics

An Update on China’s Public Relations Campaign

You never know when you may stumble across an article dealing with public relations. It may even be when you’re keeping up with your daily news. While perusing, I found an article entitled “Monks protest upstages China’s PR tour.” Interested in the next phase of this continuing story, I read on.As you all know, … Continue reading An Update on China’s Public Relations Campaign

PR Crisis for 2008 Olympic Games

PR extends far beyond what many people seem to believe. A lot of students think that PR is working for a company, working at a firm, or representing a celebrity, but there is a whole world of PR out there that many do not know about. International PR is one of these types of PR … Continue reading PR Crisis for 2008 Olympic Games