How To Market Yourself Without an Internship

Struggling to find an internship or job without any prior experience? Don’t fret, there are several ways to market yourself as a capable and passionate future employee. First and foremost, be proactive. As a college student, I found that the best way to do so is by joining a student organization relatable to your field … Continue reading How To Market Yourself Without an Internship

Four need-to-know tips for time management

As a college student with a job, internship and full class schedule, I know how hard it can be to manage your time. That is why I have created this list of ways to ease the stress of rushing around and managing your time effectively. Here are things I do in order to manage my … Continue reading Four need-to-know tips for time management

All About the Balance

By Joei DeCarlo For college students, the words “internship” or “part-time job” are about as common in our vocabulary as “coffee”, “midterms”, and “finals”. So what happens when summer rolls around? You would think it’s a time for ultimate relaxation, catching up on sleep, and doing all of the activities you haven’t been able to dream … Continue reading All About the Balance

How to set goals then follow through

When it comes to being productive, it can be frustrating. Sometimes you just can’t find the motivation to steer away from your Netflix addiction or even get out of bed. But being productive is an important part of life, especially if you want to be successful. How do you find the motivation to be productive? … Continue reading How to set goals then follow through

How to Make it Through Hell Week

If you're not currently in school, you might think that Hell Week is the same as Finals Week. In which case, you'd be dead wrong. For most of us college students, Hell Week is the week before Finals. I only have one final exam this year, but I have 470000 papers, projects, presentations, and quizzes … Continue reading How to Make it Through Hell Week

PRSSANC: What’s the No. 1 Skill Employers Want?

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to listen to two PR experts discuss the importance of writing at the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference this afternoon. Ron Culp, former corporate PR pro and current graduate professor at DePaul University, and Ryan McShane, Account Supervisor at Tattoo Projects, shared great insight … Continue reading PRSSANC: What’s the No. 1 Skill Employers Want?

Too blessed to be stressed

As we approach our fourth week of school and our internships and organizations begin to take off, some of us may already be feeling the build up of a stressful semester. A new semester means new opportunities to do well and succeed, but when stress starts to become too much, it’s time for us to … Continue reading Too blessed to be stressed

New Semester, New You

Back to school is officially in full swing. Every semester starts with a clean slate. For most of us aspiring PRos, a new internship has started as well. Here are some helpful tips to get you ready to conquer all responsibilities you have over these next few months. Fall Cleaning - How long has it … Continue reading New Semester, New You

Don’t just be busy, be productive

Classes kick off for Temple University, and many other schools tomorrow. For me, and all the other workaholics out there, it’s great to be getting back to a structured schedule and workday. For a lot of other people, though, they’re dreading getting back into the swing of things. It’s easy to get caught up in … Continue reading Don’t just be busy, be productive

Healthy Habits for the Busy Lifestyle

It’s that time of year again, when all you can hear is coughing in your large lecture class or the sneezing coming from half the cubes in your office. Everyone is getting sick and you know it’s only a matter of time until you've caught it too. While getting a cold is sometimes unavoidable, there … Continue reading Healthy Habits for the Busy Lifestyle