NBA Jersey Sponsors Are Seeing Their Investment Pay Off

The NBA last year became the first big four professional sports league to permit teams to seek sponsors for their uniforms. This isn’t uncommon in sports, soccer has been doing this for years, when the soccer team, Peñarol, from Uruguay put sponsors on their uniforms in the 1950’s. That soon lead to an explosion of … Continue reading NBA Jersey Sponsors Are Seeing Their Investment Pay Off

Next Wave of NBA Influencers

Who is the next wave of basketball stars to build a brand around? Being the face of a brand, one must have established their own brand. How and why does a company choose the right face for their brand? Establishing a quality brand takes time, practice, and even some luck. In the age of social … Continue reading Next Wave of NBA Influencers

Geoff Collins Is Building More Than Just a Team, He’s Building a Brand

On December 13, 2016 Coach Geoff Collins took over a team that just finished two straight 10-win seasons and an American Conference Championship. Expectations were through the roof and attention on the Temple University football program was at an all-time high. Collins knew he had to not only win games, but capitalize on the success … Continue reading Geoff Collins Is Building More Than Just a Team, He’s Building a Brand

How VR is Reshaping Sports

While the Olympics begin later this week, Pyeongchang will be more accessible than ever before. With virtual reality technology, fans can have an immersive experiential view of the games. Intel plans to produce the largest live virtual reality event at the Winter Olympics where fans can choose from 30 events and six camera angles. In … Continue reading How VR is Reshaping Sports

Philadelphia Pride: The Impact of The Eagles’ Success

E-A-G-L-E-S, six letters that have been shouted out of almost every proud Philadelphian's mouth since the start of the football season. This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles will face the New England Patriots in the most watched sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl. Whether you are a football fan or not, there’s no … Continue reading Philadelphia Pride: The Impact of The Eagles’ Success

Redskins Face Biggest Loss Yet- Their Trademark

(source: USA Today)   Not long after the Donald Sterling scandal, the sports industry is experiencing yet another scandal rooted in racism. It was announced yesterday that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will cancel the Washington Redskins trademark, among a recent flurry of controversy over the name. The office made the ruling arguing that … Continue reading Redskins Face Biggest Loss Yet- Their Trademark

What’s in a Name? Effects of the Big East Name Change

This year’s March Madness marks the last year that many of the traditional Big East schools will represent their conference in the tournament. Next year, the Big East will be completely made-over, reflecting little of its Eastern history and rivalries. The official split of the conference is effective July 1. Louisville, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and … Continue reading What’s in a Name? Effects of the Big East Name Change

Wrestling Takes the Ultimate “Smackdown”

Recent news of wrestling being dropped from the 2020 Olympic games has been ill received by many fans. In an attempt to make the games more mainstream and viewer-friendly, the International Olympic Committee decided wrestling no longer fit into the 26 core sports. With only 25 sports currently left, a replacement will be made and … Continue reading Wrestling Takes the Ultimate “Smackdown”

College Football and the PR Pro

On Saturday, Temple lost to one of it's biggest rivals in football, Penn State. While this was definitely a blow for us, there are a couple lessons we can take from the college football game, thanks to "What college football teaches us about PR":The coach/CEO sets the tone: think of all of your favorite teams, … Continue reading College Football and the PR Pro

Social Media And The Olympics.

Social Media has created quite the stir for the 2012 Olympics. Many of us around the globe follow our favorite athletes on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Originally, the Olympics were covered in and you received updates via print. After the invention of the television, the Olympics, beginning in 1964, were broadcasted live all … Continue reading Social Media And The Olympics.