Interning and Inspired

Currently, I am interning with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). I have always had a strong interest in the healthcare industry; therefore, I continue to be intrigued by the hospital’s brand, initiatives, and patient services. Yet, more often than not, I find myself taking off my PR lens and still being inspired. CHOP is … Continue reading Interning and Inspired

Q&A With Brianna Rooney

Brianna Rooney was a PR all-star while at Temple University. She was a Temple PRSSA member for four years and served on executive board as the Mentorship Director, Historian/Alumni Relations Chair then President her senior year. Rooney was also heavily involved in PRowl Public Relations as a Staff Member while also holding down several internships. As … Continue reading Q&A With Brianna Rooney

Big Bro Big Sis

Community service. Volunteering. Giving back. Charity work. These are all phrases that we are told to do, because we can help both ourselves and others. Many groups and organizations require x number of hours of such work a year, or a semester. And so many of us groan and complain and do the minimum because … Continue reading Big Bro Big Sis

The Next Step: Serving on a Nonprofit Board in Your 20’s

As college students, we have the world in our hands. If we push ourselves and take advantage of opportunities that come our way, we can excel greatly in our field of study. Many students take internships, and some take more than one. Other students volunteer for organizations or get involved in professional student activities. However, … Continue reading The Next Step: Serving on a Nonprofit Board in Your 20’s

Chase for a Cure

  Last week PRSSA held a fundraising walk on Temple’s campus to raise money for Fox Cancer Research. Members of PRSSA, PRowl, and the Temple student body as a whole came to the track on Sunday morning to support the cause. With opportunities to win raffle prizes, buy homemade treats, and enjoy a beautiful day … Continue reading Chase for a Cure

3 Things I Learned About Non-Profit PR

(Photo courtesy of Like many PR students today, entering the career world can be overwhelming in deciding what field is the best to go into. With the semester coming to a close, I’ve been reflecting on my experience in my first internship. I had the opportunity of working in development/communications at a non-profit office … Continue reading 3 Things I Learned About Non-Profit PR

The Inside Scoop: Living the Life of a Nonprofit PR Professional

As the fall season came into focus, so did the Public Relations Student Society of America’s National Conference! Over the past few days, members of Temple University’s PRSSA chapter have been listening to various PR professionals speak about communication topics ranging from resume-building, healthcare PR, and more. However, for those interested in pursuing a job … Continue reading The Inside Scoop: Living the Life of a Nonprofit PR Professional

Give a Little: How you can Start your Career in Non-Profit PR

As an aspiring PR professional, there are many fields that you can chose to gain experience in. Do you enjoy helping others? Are you passionate about fighting for social justice? If so, non-profit public relations may be the field for you. Some people chose fashion/entertainment PR, others chose agency, but if you answered yes to … Continue reading Give a Little: How you can Start your Career in Non-Profit PR

Keeping Fundraising Fresh

Having trouble getting employees to participate in your fundraising events? While bake sales in the lunch room and casual Fridays are classic fundraising events that work on a smaller, more personal level, replacing traditional fund raising methods with fun events attracts many more participants to your cause. Keeping ideas fresh and up to date with … Continue reading Keeping Fundraising Fresh

What Does Non-Profit Healthcare PR Mean?

As PR student and a member of two of Temple's largest PR organizations, I've heard of many of the different areas of PR one can get into: sports, lifestyle, fashion, non-profit, corporate, etc. One that I haven't heard very often is non-profit health care. For the past three years I have played with the idea … Continue reading What Does Non-Profit Healthcare PR Mean?