Intercultural Communication in today’s world

By Le Rico Le Minh Hoang Globalization is an undeniable process happening on every corner of the world. Changes are happening, and many industries have to reinvent itself to adapt to the new world, communication is not an exception. Communications play a crucial role in globalization yet we still haven’t quite figured out how to … Continue reading Intercultural Communication in today’s world

The Office ‘Product Recall’ Episode — A PR Analysis

For those involved in the field of public relations, even if you enjoy watching The Office, this episode is bound to make you cringe. “Product Recall” is the 20th episode in the third season of The Office. If you have not seen this episode, here’s a short summary: In the start of the episode, the … Continue reading The Office ‘Product Recall’ Episode — A PR Analysis

“Stop Apologizing So Much” – The Sorry Reflex

“Sorry about that…” “Sorry for getting back to you so late…” “I’m sorry, my bad!” “So sorry…” “Sorry, but I think…” “Sorry to bother you…” For many people, women especially, these phrases come out almost involuntarily. We apologize for everything, from responding to a message late to simply speaking up at a meeting. This is … Continue reading “Stop Apologizing So Much” – The Sorry Reflex

Where Business and Public Relations Meet

Relentless Investor Kevin O’leary (also known as Mr. Wonderful) spoke to Temple students on Wednesday, Oct. 11. O’leary is most commonly known from his regular appearances on the hit show Sharktank on ABC. While the Temple Performing Arts Center was filled with mostly Fox School of Business students, there were a few savvy Klein School … Continue reading Where Business and Public Relations Meet

Leadership vs. Management

There is a distinct difference between leadership and management that is often overlooked when working within groups in the workplace. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the definition of leadership is “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” The definition of management is “the process of dealing with or controlling things or people.” … Continue reading Leadership vs. Management

Who is Moss Kendrix?

What comes to mind when you hear the name Moss Kendrix? If you are currently practicing public relations or interested in the field, I would hope your answer isn’t anything other than pioneer. Known as the “Father of Black Public Relations,” he worked to reshape the image of African Americans in the media, while also … Continue reading Who is Moss Kendrix?

Becoming a Leader in the Public Relations Field

We can all agree that leadership is an essential component to any organization or workplace. Whether it be in a structured setting with a hierarchy of bosses and managers, to simply being the unofficial person people trust to make sure everything gets done. It brings in multiple factors that help to keep a structure running, … Continue reading Becoming a Leader in the Public Relations Field

Hey there, Meet PRowl’s Firm Director

Let me introduce myself! My name is Clarissa Ford, and I’ll be PRowl’s Firm Director this year. I’m eager to take on this role and work with so many of our new and returning PRowlers! I’ve worked for the firm for three years now (WOW, that sounds like a long time!). At the beginning of … Continue reading Hey there, Meet PRowl’s Firm Director

Member Spotlight: Shaun Luberski

Shaun Luberski has been a member of PRowl since January 2014. After getting her start as an account associate, she became the secretary in April 2015. Having the opportunity to learn how the editing process works and being able to enter new internships and jobs confidently are some of the many ways PRowl has helped her. When … Continue reading Member Spotlight: Shaun Luberski

Big Bro Big Sis

Community service. Volunteering. Giving back. Charity work. These are all phrases that we are told to do, because we can help both ourselves and others. Many groups and organizations require x number of hours of such work a year, or a semester. And so many of us groan and complain and do the minimum because … Continue reading Big Bro Big Sis