Ursula’s About PHace

Ursula’s About PHace contracted PRowl Public Relations to promote the opening of Pause PHacial Suite to residents in the Philadelphia area. PRowl’s campaign positioned Ursula’s About PHace’s Pause PHacial Suite as a “go-to” place to receive all-natural skin care.

The overall target audience for Ursula’s About PHace consisted of professionals between the ages of 22 and 60 with enough income to spend on regular facials.  These people either lived in or near Center City Philadelphia or were visiting and staying in a hotel nearby.  Ursula wanted to give people who may have had negative experiences with facials, as well as skin care novices, a chance to experience her unique, relaxing, soothing and all-natural facials.

PRowl’s primary business goal was to increase public awareness of Ursula’s About PHace’s Pause PHacial Suite by 10 percent through print media, social media, television and community outreach. Our strategy was to position the Pause PHacial Suite as a relaxing escape from the congested city, utilizing local fruits, vegetables, plants and mud for an all-natural, pain-free and healthy skin care experience.

The members of PRowl Public Relations’ Ursula’s About PHace account team wrote three pitch letters geared towards the editors and writers of media, including newspapers, magazines, blogs, and television in an effort to draw the attention of local Philadelphia media about Ursula’s About PHace all-natural skincare experience.

PRowl Public Relations created and managed a Facebook group for Ursula’s About PHace to promote the PHacebook.calm PHacial and the PHacebook.calm 2.0 PHacial.  Over 800 college students who could benefit from the PHacebook.calm PHacial were invited to join the group throughout the months of March and April.

PRowl Public Relations’ Ursula’s About PHace account team participated in a night of active outreach to the community through guerilla marketing at a First Friday event.  Team members dressed in Pause PHacial Suite spa gear to distribute approximately 200 sample-sized desserts made from the PHacial’s ingredients, including yogurt and fruit cups, fruit smoothies and granola.   Approximately 300 pieces of promotional material including a flier designed by PRowl Public Relations’ graphic designer, spa menus, brochures and business cards for Ursula’s About PHace were distributed. Additionally, PRowl Public Relations secured a 3-minute broadcast spot on NBC10 featuring the Phillie’s Mud PHacial.

PRowl surveyed 100 people in the Center City and Old City sections of Philadelphia before our campaign began and after it was completed.  Before our campaign, 18 percent of those surveyed were aware of Ursula’s About PHace and nine percent were aware of the Pause PHacial Suite. After our work was completed, 38 percent of those surveyed were aware of Ursula’s About PHace and 29 percent were aware of the Pause PHacial Suite.  These numbers show that PRowl Public Relations’ efforts worked in congruence with Ursula’s personal efforts to exceed our goal of increasing public awareness of both Ursula’s About PHace and the Pause PHacial Suite by 20 percent and 10 percent, respectively. 

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