Four Cover Letter Tips for Your Summer Internship Search

Internship searching can be frustrating. We’ve all been there — endlessly combing through job listings on LinkedIn, meticulously creating the perfect resume, and rehearsing interview questions in your head. It can be exhausting. But, for many, the hardest part is writing cover letters. A good cover letter makes all the difference, though. It can properly…

How Brands Can Celebrate Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. In honor of Earth Day this year, here are some ways brands can celebrate and encourage consumers and employees to keep our planet clean.  Share a post on social media inspiring customers to make small changes this year. This could be simple tasks like recycling, carpooling,…

PR’s Impact on the Fashion Industry

Public Relations is a critical aspect of any industry, but most importantly, the fashion industry. PR involves: · Managing the public perception of a brand or a product. · Maintaining positive customer relationships.· Generating media coverage. The fashion industry is highly competitive, with new trends emerging constantly. To stay ahead of the market, fashion brands…

Why Springtime Is the Best for Companies

Spring has sprung; time for warmer days, blooming flowers, and great PR tactics from companies engaging with their audiences. This time of year is fantastic for companies wanting to promote new products to the public with aesthetic images and views. The nice weather also leads customers to venture out of their homes and onto the…

Podcasts Every Girl In Their Twenties Should Be Following

Whether you’re getting ready, cleaning your room, grocery shopping, drinking coffee, or on a quick mental drive, these podcasts will get you through the day. If you’ve never tried podcasting before, now is the perfect time to get started – all you need to do is download the Podcast app onto your phone. With the…

The Cruciality of Attentiveness of PR Professionals During Crises

Learning about crises as a public relations student is almost unavoidable, but it is necessary. In the ambiance of public relations, crises are an inevitable reality. Since most crises take some time to expand into the public eye, there is little chance they are preventable. Crises are distinguished as natural disasters, corporate aspersion, breaches of…


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