Four Cover Letter Tips for Your Summer Internship Search

Internship searching can be frustrating. We’ve all been there — endlessly combing through job listings on LinkedIn, meticulously creating the perfect resume, and rehearsing interview questions in your head. It can be exhausting. But, for many, the hardest part is writing cover letters.

A good cover letter makes all the difference, though. It can properly introduce you to prospective employers and delve into your professional background. So, what can you do to make sure your cover letter is working for you?

  1. Keep It To One Page

Your cover letter shouldn’t be a novel. It shouldn’t be a tweet, either. Ideally, your cover letter should be approximately 250-400 words. Keep it to one page! This allows you to elaborate on your experience while leaving room for conversation should you get contacted for an interview. 

2. Run it Through Grammarly (twice, even!)

One little typo can completely undermine your professional credibility. If a prospective employer sees you cannot even put forth the effort to make a good first impression, they likely won’t care to see what the rest of your work looks like either. 

3. Match The Job Description

A job description concisely outlines a company’s expectations for a job applicant. Make things easy for whoever is reviewing your cover letter by matching your experience to the job description. Connecting the dots between the two can help show how your experience aligns with the position you’re applying for. 

4. Use AI For Ideas

Some companies won’t even have humans read your cover letter. Instead, they’ll let online platforms review your application and decide whether to proceed. Online tools like Jobscan can help you get ahead of technology and optimize your cover letter. 

Laila Samphilipo, Account Executive


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