ChatGPT is Taking the World By Storm, But What Does It Mean for Public Relations?

ChatGPT is a recently developed chatbot with artificial intelligence that can generate language that seems human. When the bot is asked one question, it has the capacity to generate entire essays or explanations. Needless to say, it shows how advanced generative artificial intelligence is getting and how it could be the future of education, business, and more.

Perhaps the most popular discourse around the tool has been figuring out whether educators should work to discourage students from using it or figure out how to incorporate it into the classrooms. However, public relations practitioners should also be thinking about what this means for the future of their field.

Public relations is a field centered around writing. It can take humans quite some time to create press releases, pitches, and other necessary statements. ChatGPT can put together well-written ones in just seconds. As it develops, it may even be able to come up with usable tactics and strategies. Essentially, it could replace many of the tasks that have, up until now, been necessary parts of PR practitioners’ day-to-day lives. However, at least for the time being, actual people are still needed since they have a thorough understanding of the principles and voice of their brand or client.

Artificial intelligence is clearly here for the long haul. It is now up to us in the public relations field to learn how to best harness the strengths of the tool to create maximum productivity.

Reilly Oneill, Account Associate


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