TikTok Accounts Every Aspiring PR and Advertising Professional Should Follow

As a college student, chances are you likely spend hours a day scrolling through TikTok when you really should be doing homework or going to class. While you may not always feel good about the amount of time you are spending on the app, you can never seem to pull yourself away from it.

What if you could transform the time you spent on TikTok so it was actually benefiting you and your future career? What if you were learning new skills and gaining a better understanding of the industry you one day hope to work in while simply scrolling through the app? 

Luckily, a wide array of TikTok creators make content about the PR and advertising industries. Not only are these creators entertaining, but they are also great resources for any college student who one day hopes to work in these fields. 

Here are 3 TikTok accounts every aspiring PR and advertising professional should follow: 

  1. GirlBossTown (@girlbosstown)

Robyn, @girlbosstown, makes videos in which she explains hot topics in pop culture from the perspective of a PR or advertising professional. She offers creative solutions for dealing with crises and innovative ideas for new ad campaigns. 

2. Clara (@colormeloverly)

Clara, @colormelovery, creates videos in which she roleplays as a celebrity’s publicist or a member of a brand’s PR team. Her videos are often sarcastic and draw attention to the poor PR decisions celebrities and brands have recently made that have been covered in the news. 

3. Just Another PR Girl (@justanotherprgirl)

Kat, @jusanotherprgirl, makes videos in which she gives PR tips and tricks, takes viewers behind the scenes of her work, and explains pop culture moments from a PR perspective. She also has many great resources in her Linktree on Instagram (@justanotherprgirl_), such as a free pitch email template. 

Bonus: If you fall in love with these three TikTok creators, check out Louise (@louise_digitalpr) and Ashwinn (@shwinnabego) as well. 

Now, the next time you’re scrolling through TikTok for hours on end, you do not need to feel so bad. By following these creators, you are learning more about the industry you will one day work in and gaining new skills and ideas you can apply to your future jobs. Therefore, the next time you need a break from homework, hop on TikTok. You never know what you will learn that will one day benefit your future career. 

Mackenzie Dorward, Account Associate


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