Why You Need To Be Using Muck Rack as a PR Professional and Its New Expansion

Muck Rack, an extremely valuable tool for all public relations professionals, just got a whole lot better! If you aren’t sure what it can be used for, Muck Rack is a program designed for Public Relations Management or PRM. It can help you keep your team in the loop about new pitches and media interactions, as well as track emails sent and received from both Gmail and Outlook.

On top of this, Muck Rack is an excellent tool for monitoring analytics and gathering information for your database and research. Not only does it help to track and organize this information, but it can also help store this custom data. Muck Rack is also a great learning tool; you can complete workshops and lessons to earn industry-recognized media skills and credentials.

Muck Rack is already useful, but as of March 21, it has expanded its global media monitoring, and users now have access to over 600,000 news sources worldwide. Muck Rack is heavily based in new and emergent technology to be of aid to the PR world, and the platform uses AI and machine learning to constantly provide you with the latest and most relevant information, stories, and analytics. Muck Rack’s goal is to be universal across the PR industry and to help companies form, maintain, build, and analyze relationships. They are already making their mark across the industry, and I have encountered them several times throughout my internships and classes as a PR major. Muck Rack is a program that I would 100% suggest all aspiring PR professionals get familiar with, and be sure to check out the new expansions!

Maggie Dykan, Account Associate


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