The Best St. Patrick’s Day Campaigns of 2023

As the season of St. Patrick’s is upon us, notable brands have released campaigns to show their support for the Irish holiday. Campaigns have featured puns and references surrounding heavy drinking, shamrocks, leprechauns, the color green, ginger hair, and of course, luck. Perhaps these brands have decided to embrace the holiday as a way of maintaining their luck throughout the rest of this year.

Brands like Carharrt and Guinness, McDonald’s, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and Bushmills came out on top with the best St. Patricks Day campaigns for the 2023 holiday.

For the last couple of years, Carharrt and Guinness have been responsible for the annual green dying of the Chicago River. Around St. Patrick’s day every year, the river in Chicago is dyed green using an eco-friendly dye as part of the holiday celebrations. This is a tradition that has gone on for the past five decades. Mcdonald’s also has an annual campaign to kick off its St. Patrick’s Day festivities with the famous shamrock shake. The shamrock shake was invented in 1967 and has been a fan favorite ever since. The green mint-flavored milkshake has become essential to the Mcdonald’s brand and a notable part of the St. Patrick’s Day cheer.

Many distilleries and liquor brands produced campaigns expressing excitement for the notoriously happy holiday. Bushmill distilleries released a flock of sheep into a New York bar for a commercial. Each sheep was named after a Bushmill competitor, Jamo, Johnnie, Jim, and Jack, pushing the message, “don’t be a sheep, skip the ‘usual,’ try the original.” Jameson also did a commercial with celebrity Regina Hall. The theme of their commercial was the slogan “S.P.T.O,” shorthand for St. Patricks Day Time Off. As the holiday was on a Friday this past year, folks had to get creative, balancing their workday and enjoying all of the fun festivities.

Brands did not disappoint when it came to pulling out all the stops for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day campaigns. St Patrick’s day is a celebration that will always excite the public, making it a time for a brand’s creativity to shine through.

Carley Kurtz, PRowl Secretary


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