The Unofficial Guide To Being a PR Student at Temple

For almost two years, I had a strict path leading me to graduation in a major I was completely unsure about. In the spring semester of my sophomore year, though, I took a couple of PR classes out of the blue. Within a few weeks, I knew I had to change my major to PR. Writing and communication felt natural to me, and now, I only wish I had known more about the PR program earlier. Maybe you are an incoming freshman unsure of what you want to pursue or a current student looking for the path that just feels right. If you want the inside scoop on being a PR student to help you with your decision, here is your “unofficial” guide to the Department of PR and Advertising (DAPR) at Temple.

Opportunities for Experience

In DAPR, learning through experience is not only available to you but encouraged. So many clubs and student-run organizations allow you to step into different roles in a safe environment. For example, I joined PRowl Public Relations last semester and have already learned more through this experience than I could have imagined. My time as an Account Associate and now Account Executive has given me the chance to write press releases, create content calendars, and lead a team. In addition, my responsibilities in the firm and the people I work with make me more confident in my future endeavors. 

Empowering Courses 

This semester, I am also taking classes I was not even aware of when I first started at Temple. Professors in DAPR genuinely prepare you for anything from crisis communications to business essentials. I once told myself these were topics I would never be able to grasp, but Temple’s PR classes have changed my perspective. In my time as a new PR major, I have put together communication campaigns, learned how to code research, and written thoughtful op-ed pieces. In DAPR, you will never run out of interesting things to learn about the world around you and yourself. 

Collaboration Over Competition 

The PR program is full of incredibly talented students, but I have never felt like we were in competition with each other. If anything, I learn from those around me more than I would have thought. As communicators, we love to work through new ideas and get to the bottom of challenging situations. We get together for fun discussions, such as the Super Bowl advertisement review night or bonding events with our student organizations. As a PR student, you never have to work alone. You will always have someone to edit your paper or give you pitch ideas for a client. 

My old majors never felt right until I found PR. If these experiences sound interesting, I encourage you to take the leap and dive deeper into DAPR. Overall, I cannot imagine my college life without the network of people I have built through this program. 

Margo Haas, Account Executive


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