How Tubi Found a New Way To Connect With Audiences in Super Bowl LVII

Every year, the best and worst Super Bowl commercials are up for discussion. Some you immediately forget after they air, while the best Super Bowl commercials are the ones that stick with you long after the Gatorade is poured and the quarterback is off to Disney. This year, Tubi was my Super Bowl LVII commercial winner—here’s why.

As communicators and PR professionals, one of our main goals is to connect and build relationships with our audience, even through the TV screen. A trend we have seen in recent years is trying to create an interactive experience for viewers. Brands like Coinbase last year and AAA this year went with the QR code route. While it may have worked last year, AAA was not successful with the tactic this year. We’ve seen it before, and honestly, the QR code was not as enticing as it was in years past. It just doesn’t captivate the audience anymore in 2023; it is not interactive enough.

I would argue that Tubi’s “broadcast interruption” spot was the most creative and interactive commercial of the night. When the ad began, and viewers thought they accidentally changed the channel in the middle of a very tense game, people jumped out of their seats and began searching for their remotes. It was only after they had the remote physically in their hands that they realized it was an ad, and that’s how you know it worked.

Tubi was so successful because they were able to surprise viewers and show us something that we have truly never seen before. And for a brand that arguably isn’t as talked about as some of its hard-hitting competitors in the streaming space, this was vital for Tubi’s brand awareness. Tubi dominated news feeds on February 13, and deservedly so. Their creativity should be applauded; To literally get people out of their seats and be so memorable that Super Bowl viewers are still talking about this ad today is commendable. As communicators, we want to reach people and make them feel something—Tubi did just that.

Marissa Marsh, Assistant Firm Director


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