How I Stay Motivated as a PR Student

Staying motivated as a student in public relations isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of dedication to prepare for a career in communications. Here are some things that I do to help me grow as a student and future PR professional while staying motivated.

  1. Getting Involved

Getting involved in different organizations would benefit a student majoring in PR. I decided to join PRowl to get hands-on experience in the PR field. This organization has helped me improve my writing and PR skills by writing blog posts, press releases, and creating media lists. PRSSA is another PR organization that has allowed me to network with other PR students on campus and past alums. Joining different organizations outside of PR can also help you stand out as you diversify your background. I also became an Owl Ambassador, which has allowed me to enhance my public speaking skills and given me the ability to communicate with different types of people. 

2. Networking

Public Relations is such a diverse field with several opportunities and industries to learn about. When it comes to gaining real-world experience outside of class, it is imperative to engage with other PR students and professionals. Networking is crucial in this field and will benefit your career and your confidence as a person. Having an abundance of connections in this field will allow you to stay motivated. 

3. Prioritizing Self-Care

We all know how important school is to your future, but your mental health is also essential to prioritize as a PR student. Taking time for yourself and embedding self-care days is crucial in order to stay motivated and prevent academic burnout. Taking a weekend trip with your friends, going home for the weekend to visit family, or dedicating an afternoon to partake in your favorite hobbies are a few things you can try to keep your stress levels down. I personally suggest a good shopping trip or a pamper day! I also recommend working out as a distressing activity. Overall, having a work-life balance is extremely important while being a dedicated PR student.

Kristi Jones, Account Associate 


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