Three Awesome Jobs You Can Get With a PR Degree

Graduating at the end of your senior year with a public relations degree, you are filled with excitement at the thought of what you have accomplished over the last four years. As you walk across the stage and receive your diploma, officially marking the end of your time in undergrad, you look out at your classmates, family, and friends cheering you on and feel an overwhelming sense of pride. However, as you finish crossing the stage and walk down the stairs, the feelings of joy you were just experiencing come to a screeching halt as you realize you will now have to face the hardest challenge of them all: finding a job. You are passionate about the field of PR but know you do not want to be stuck with a typical day job. You want a job that is exciting and allows you to utilize your creativity. 

 Lucky for you, the PR field is filled with countless jobs that allow professionals to do just that. The PR field thrives off of spontaneity and out-of-the-box thinking. And remember, just because you graduated with a PR degree does not mean your job has to have PR in the title. Countless exciting and creative jobs require employees to have or benefit from a PR skillset, yet many who graduate with a PR degree may not even realize they are qualified to obtain them.   

Here are three awesome jobs you can get with a PR degree: 

  1. Event Planning

Event planners work in fast-paced, creative environments, planning, coordinating, and conducting events. They are extremely detail-oriented, have an eye for design, and are always prepared to handle any unforeseen difficulties that come their way. An event planner with a PR degree excels at understanding their client’s needs and desires for their event and ensuring all aspects of their event are coordinated correctly so their wishes are met and their vision is brought to life. 

2. Influencer Relations

Individuals who work in influencer relations are responsible for identifying potential influencers their organization could work with, reaching out to them, and maintaining relationships with them. They are quick to spot trends and identify people with a strong, loyal following. Professionals with PR degrees who work in influencer relations excel at managing interactions with influencers as well as envisioning the possible ways influencers could showcase their organization and convert followers into customers or supporters. 

3. Campaign Management

Campaign managers work with politicians to run their political campaigns. Their duties include voter outreach, booking events, securing media appearances, advertising, fundraising, overseeing projects, and communicating the politician’s point of view, goals, and message to the public. They are strategically creative and enjoy diversity in their work. Campaign managers with PR degrees excel in developing strong relationships between the public and the politician they are representing and ensuring their schedule is effectively coordinated and carried out. 

Earning a PR degree is the very first step in acquiring one of these exciting and creative jobs. However, the list does not stop here. Do not be afraid to apply for a job outside of your comfort zone. Chances are, with your PR degree, you will be able to excel in any position and tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Mackenzie Dorward, Account Associate 


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