3 Tips to Help Settle Pre-Interview Nerves

It’s totally normal to feel nervous before a big interview, especially if it’s the first time you’re being offered one. I’ve personally been to many interviews, and my hands still get clammy as I sit inside a waiting room. There is just something about first impressions that really stress me out. However, that feeling of anxiety has slowly started to drain as I’ve learned how to control it. Through a few simple tips, I’ve been able to tame my pre-interview nerves and put my best foot forward as I open new doors. If you’re someone who knows that clammy-hand feeling, these three tips might help dry up your palms. 

#1 – Plan your outfit

There is nothing worse than putting on clothes and immediately wanting to change. As you prepare to head out for an interview, the last thing you want to do is spend thirty-minutes fishing through your closet to find a matching blazer. Settling on an outfit ahead of time erases your chances of falling into a fashion frenzy. Not only will this give you more time to relax, but you will also feel more confident as you walk out the door! 

Extra Tip: Try to incorporate colors that match the company you are interviewing for! This will help you look the part AND feel the part. 

#2 – Practice answering some questions 

Although all interviews are different, there are a few questions that recruiters are more likely to ask you than others. For example, the two questions I’ve been asked at every interview involve describing my most significant strengths and weaknesses. To feel a little less nervous, practice answering those questions a couple of times at home. Do it by yourself at first, and then once you feel comfortable, try answering in front of a friend or colleague. Practicing conversation before an interview will allow you to feel more prepared and give you talking points that you are confident bringing up! 

#3 – Feed yourself positive energy

It’s easier said than done, but practicing self-motivation is the best way to beat those pre-interview jitters. Think about it; they gave you an interview for a reason. In one way or another, they believe that you have what it takes to fill the position, and you have to believe it too! Remind yourself of everything you’ve accomplished and use it to your advantage while answering their questions. Going forward with a positive mindset will make you more self-assured and show recruiters how delightful you truly are!

Remember, practice makes permanent, and the more times you practice using these tips, the more consistent you will be at nailing interviews. Now, go out there and start killing it!

Hailee Elko, Account Executive

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