A Social Media Graphic Design Guide for Spring 2022

Social media has shaped public relations as we know it today. With apps like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, PR practitioners can reach larger audiences at a quicker time and with a stronger impact. One of the most valuable tools for navigating social media as a practitioner is graphic design.

Think about your experience with social media; it typically only takes you about 5-7 seconds to decide whether or not the content is worth your time and consumption. With the help of social media graphics, PR practitioners can spread information about a brand while keeping the audience engaged with eye-catching visuals. More effective than a business card or newsletter, social media graphics allow a brand to adopt a distinct identity and attract new consumers with brand recognition.

To create a recognizable brand through social media graphics, you must first research the visual interests of their target audience. Whether it may be colors, icons, fonts, or phrases, these attributes will provide an idea of what will grab consumers’ attention and how it can reflect the brand’s identity. A brand kit including a color palette, corresponding fonts, and a logo can be created to use as a guide to maintaining consistency throughout the graphics.

Though consistency is key to recognition, keeping up with current trends is even more important when working on social media. Remember the “TikTok” Aerie crossover leggings? It took one short video to make the pants a fashion trend for teenage girls worldwide and undoubtedly benefited Aerie’s profits. Social media graphics can have the same effect on a brand when keeping up with current trends. Although trends are ever-changing, consumers recognize and appreciate a brand’s ability to keep pace with modernity.

A helpful tool in researching current graphic design trends is Canva, a free graphic design website. I like to call Canva the graphic design “one-stop-shop.” On the site, you can find trending templates or search for specific elements that are valued in the design. Often, the templates can provide a foundation for creating an effective design. Additionally, the site offers different trending icons, shapes, and editing elements that can help you with designing.

As spring approaches, new trends will take social media by storm. Some may align with your current brand’s identity, and others can allow your brand to step out of its comfort zone and branch out to different audiences. To prepare for the season of revival, here are three graphic design trends that will catch your consumer’s eye:

  1. Digitalism

Who doesn’t love technology? As we consume technology daily, aspects like a search bar or message bubble instantly catch our attention. By taking on the elements of cyberspace (flat shapes, clean lines, and pops of color), digitalism uses the influence of our daily technology consumption to further attract consumers.

Canva’s Template
My Take

2. Fluorescent Gradients
Often seen in the ’90s, gradient colors are back. A gradient is formed by blending similar, vibrant colors with textured transitions. The vibrant shades instantly grab the consumer’s attention. Gradients are often formed into different shapes and swirls to make the graphic even more eye-catching.

Canva’s Template
My Take

3. Minimalist Chic
In a world of chaos, we all wish for some simplicity. The minimalist aesthetic allows us to obtain simplicity in our daily lives. Often portrayed by clean lines, neutral color tones, and nature-related images, the trend moves our society away from materialism and towards minimalism.

Canva’s Template
My Take

Mia Senick, Account Associate

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