The Future of Twitch: It’s Not Just for Gamers Anymore

When hearing the name Twitch, the first thing that comes to mind is video games. Over the last decade, gamers have used Twitch, an interactive live streaming service, to connect over their favorite games. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the platform has widened its appeal from this niche audience to more diverse areas of content creation.

Twitch has seen significant growth, generating more than 67 billion hours of live stream views since its debut in 2011. At the start of the pandemic, the platform had 17.5 million daily visitors. Today, the platform draws an average of 30 million (PR Week). It is not surprising the company has seen so much growth, being that screen time has dramatically increased over the last two years. People have been seeking to not only join a community but to express their creativity safely.

From a communications perspective, Twitch has shifted from solely pushing gaming content and its significant creators to highlighting creator-driven stories from smaller accounts across categories ranging from music to animals. This strategy has proven to be successful by engaging a broader audience on a deeper level. It has allowed users to explore their interests while finding a community of like-minded individuals.

As far as advertising and influencer relations go, the company has grown to utilize an in-house brand partnership team to create a more authentic experience for advertisers, creators, and users. Major companies such as LG, American Eagle, and MAC Cosmetics are making an effort to connect with Twitch users through creative video content marketing. This is not unlike brands that utilize TikTok to engage a younger audience through short-form content.

Twitch communications head, Brielle Villablanca, described programs underway to support even more growth, involving topics such as trust and streamer safety, DEI, and training support for smaller creators. Read more about Villablanca’s role at Twitch here.

Maggie Larkin, Account Associate

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