Big Reasons to Shop Small this Holiday Season

How great does it feel to be greeted with a smile by a small business owner when you walk into their shop? Public relations campaigns are popping up around the country to support shopping small. Small Business Saturday is a campaign that started in 2010 where consumers are encouraged to shop at small businesses for their holiday gifts on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This holiday season, make small business holiday shopping a priority. 

Small Business Saturday expresses, “You might not realize it, but every time you pick up a cup of coffee from your favorite neighborhood cafe or buy a gift from a local artist’s online store, you’re shopping small and making a difference.” Here are a few reasons why you should participate in shopping at small businesses: 

  1. Exceptional customer service: 

Small business owners care about their relationships with customers. You are not just another customer to small shop employees. They strive to be personable and kind to ensure you leave with great holiday gifts. 

  1. Quality products: 

Small business owners are immersed in what they make and sell. Products are made with care, so you are bound to buy a quality gift for your loved one.  

  1. Product variety: 

There is a surplus of local businesses and online small shops that are guaranteed to have the gift you are looking for. Many small businesses offer personalized orders to make your holiday gifts more special.  

  1. Ethical and sustainable: 

Many small shops create ethical products and merchandise. This can include handmade candles, ethically made clothes, or eco-friendly cleaning products. 

  1. Employment: 

When you buy products from small businesses, you keep people employed. More job opportunities arise the more you shop small, so buy your holiday gifts from small businesses to keep them employed. 

  1. Community: 

When you shop small, you support your town and community. The money spent at small businesses is recycled back into the community to help pay for schools, roads, and parks.  

Think about where you want to purchase gifts this holiday season. Strive to make shopping small a habit. Start by participating in the Small Business Saturday campaign on November 27, 2021. You are making a difference, and you will thank yourself for it.  

Natalie Devlin, Account Associate

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