Kim Kardashian West’s Perfect PR Move as SNL’s Host

When people hear the name Kim Kardashian West, the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians usually comes to mind. Well, on Saturday night, Kim traded in her usual Instagram influencer activities to host SNL. This choice of host surprised many, especially since usually actors, musicians, or athletes host the show. People may have disapproved of this choice of host but from a PR perspective, this appearance was exactly what Kim and the Kardashian/Jenner family needed. 

The reality show that put their family on the map ended in June after 20 seasons and although there is no sign of any waning Kardashian fame, they sometimes have negative perceptions attached to them. If people aren’t making negative comments, then they are roasting them for their ability to make everything and anything an opportunity for publicity. Well, the best part of Kim’s SNL appearance was that she acknowledged all the criticisms she typically receives but in a relatable and entertaining way.

In her monologue, she mentions many of the comments people use to mock her. She acknowledges that people usually only associate her with her physical appearance, and she even mentions her father’s profession as OJ Simpson’s defense attorney and Kanye West’s failure in politics. She pokes fun at all the negative things people have said about the Kardashian unit such as Kris Jenner’s “momager” role and her family member’s letter “K” names that somehow didn’t end up including the name Karen. 

The self-mockery of her family continues throughout the show, especially in the skit called “The People’s Kourt.” Kim pretends to be Kourtney Kardashian and hears the cases her family brings to court. Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner appear in the skit, and one part includes Khloe being angry with Kim because she stole her makeup artist for the Met Gala when no one could even see Kim’s face in her black morph suit outfit. Another part features Kris suing Kylie Jenner for ruining the PR plan because she is not having her second baby quick enough, and she sues Kendall for having absolutely no drama in her life that could help the family brand. Kim bringing her family along with her to the SNL stage was hilarious and made her episode all the more entertaining. 

 Kim as an SNL host showed that she can mock herself and be more than just an influencer. People may say the Kardashian family’s fame is not deserved, but Kim handled the situation with grace by knocking down these comments with humor. From a PR perspective, it’s difficult to criticize the Kardashian family when they have cultivated such a strong branding image. Kim’s SNL appearance only strengthened that brand. 

Angela Tessitore, Junior Account Associate

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