Public Relations Tips I Learned from PRowl

PRowl is a great organization for getting the opportunity at hands-on public relations experiences. These experiences can include creating social media posts, brainstorming as a part of a team, experiencing being a part of an account, etc. There are skills and opportunities that PRowl provides that one cannot get by simply attending public relations classes. PRowl is also an excellent place to practice skills you have picked up from public relations classes such as communicating or networking, and writing. Experiencing being a part of PRowl is also great preparation for future internships or jobs.

An example of a skill I learned during my first semester with PRowl was how to use Canva. I was a part of an account that used Canva to make graphics for social media. During a weekly account meeting, the account executives taught us how to use Canva during a workshop they held. Learning how to use Canva and other graphic design programs are strong skills to have in the world of public relations, communications, marketing, advertising, etc.

PRowl also provides more practice with meeting deadlines. Besides homework from your regular classes or work from an internship, PRowl provides more work to be done. In the world of public relations, meeting deadlines is paramount. With weekly PRowl meetings, weekly account meetings, and the assignments and work that come with PRowl, there are more things to get done on any given date. This serves as an early practice to a job in which you may have to juggle multiple projects at once and multiple deadlines.

Lastly, by design PRowl is team-oriented. PRowl is great practice for working within a group and by extension working with other people. Being a part of PRowl puts your networking and communication skills into practice. Icebreakers and account meetings are great ways to meet people and talk to people about school and work. Networking in PRowl in some ways is similar to networking at an internship or job, therefore serving as useful practice.

I feel as though PRowl has given me a great foundation for working in the world of public relations and communications. The skills I have learned in PRowl and have gotten to put into practice in PRowl will serve me well down the road.

-Drew Lindenbaum, Account Executive

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