How to Transition Back Into In-Person Classes

It’s the moment we have been waiting for- we are finally back on campus. This is supposed to be “normal”, but why does “normal” feel so weird. Learning remotely was challenging for many, especially myself, so that’s why it’s great that most students are back in classrooms. I thought I was going to be able to dive right back into in-person class, however, I was wrong. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I recognized jumping back in to in-person learning would be a challenge. However, I found certain strategies that have helped me get back into the swing of things.

Adjusting your schedule accordingly

I forgot how much time was saved by having all your classes on Zoom. The classroom was my laptop which was a few feet away from my bed. That is not the case now. Timing out activities, meals, and even travel is something to think about now that we are back in person. Adjusting your schedule for in-person activities is vital to not feel like you are behind on anything. It can be as simple as picking out your outfits the night before so you can get a couple extra minutes of sleep or packing your backpack the night before so that you don’t forget any textbooks for class. By thinking proactively and planning to allow extra time for yourself, you can be successful in this transition back to in-person learning.

Try and stay off the screen (unless for notes) 

In Zoom classes, it was easy to multi-task between browser tabs while simultaneously taking notes for class. Now that we are in-person, there is not split screen or multiple browser tabs. While it may be tempting to text your friends back or online shop while in the middle of a lecture, try to fight the urge to open a new browser tab. By fully immersing yourself in what you are learning instead of being easily distracted by your phone or laptop screen, you can set yourself up for a successful semester of in-person classes.

Make friends in your class

Breakout rooms were one of the most disliked parts of having classes on Zoom. However, now is the time to make real connections with your fellow classmates and possibly your future colleagues. The faces you have were so used to seeing on a small screen are real. and this is your time to meet them! The friends I have made in my classes have helped me so much. Together, we have formed study groups and created study guides for exams that have helped us tremendously. Put yourself out there and introduce yourself to your classmates because these friendships can be some of the most unique and meaningful relationships throughout your college career.

Ultimately, heading back into the classroom may take some time to get used to, which is okay. Just a year ago, we all had to adapt to online classes- and we did. Everything comes with time, and everyone is in the same boat. Now we must put our best foot forward and tackle this semester together. 

—Autumn Jerman, Account Associate

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