ICON 2020: How to Prepare for the Virtual PRSSA International Conference

Every year, PRSSA hosts an international conference for people from PRSSA chapters all over the world to attend. This event is usually somewhere in the United States; last year it was in San Diego and this year it was supposed to be in Nashville, Tenn. The conference will be held from Oct. 26 to Oct. 29 online with many amazing speakers and sessions to attend. 

Sitting in front of a computer screen all day for four days can be challenging, especially during the week when there are still classes to attend. The question now is how does one prepare for all of this? If you are attending ICON 2020 later this month, here is how to prepare.

Email your professors ahead of time—let them know you won’t be in class for a few days!

Unexcused absences aren’t good in college, especially if you’re missing two classes in one week. Let your professor(s) know you’re attending ICON ahead of time so you have time to go to all the sessions you want to attend. Just make sure you make up all the work you missed!

Purchase some blue light glasses

You’re going to be staring at a computer screen all day for four days straight. That’s not very good for your eyes, since blue light can strain them. Purchase some blue light glasses on Amazon! You can buy two pairs for $15, and they help keep your eyes from getting strained.

Get a notebook or pull up a document on Google Docs…you might want to take notes!

There could be something really interesting in one of your sessions that you may want to take down. Also, you could write down some new connections’ emails so you can thank them later for talking with you! Always remember to do this—it will better your connection, and they will remember you more by doing so.

Turn off all notifications on your computer and phone

During the conference, you want to make sure that you eliminate all distractions. Make sure you turn off all notifications on your laptop and phone to ensure you don’t get distracted during the conference so you can pay attention to whoever is speaking!

—Christina Billie, Junior Account Executive

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