When Humans Are Away, the Animals will Play

Currently in the world today, everywhere your eyes glance there seems to be a negative news story unraveling, or of what’s yet to come. With millions of people affected globally by the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s sometimes hard to see a positive light. There is, though, a growing impact on the environment, a direct result of humans being quarantined in their homes. Nature is asking humans to take notice of what is happening around them in the environment.

Last week it was reported that two fin whales were spotted playing close to shore, off the coast of Marseilles, France. The whales were filmed enjoying their time nearby to Calanques National Park, which was considered by park rangers an infrequent occurrence. This water adventure by these whales is directly related to the omission of humans in the water. The whales feel more comfortable to come nearer to shore now. A wonderful day for both sightseers to enjoy the sight of these whales and for sea friends to relish in some uncharted fun.

Anyone that’s traveled to the United Kingdom can assure you that you might get stuck on some windy, country roads by herds of animals just minding their business. But in the coastal city of Llandudno in Wales, herds of goats were found wandering the empty streets, munching on finely manicured hedges and flower beds. Goats do not recognize any boundaries of land when humans and vehicles are absent. The area is their home, and they are free to roam. They are walking around downtown and taking over England’s gardens.

The lockdown has kept humans in our homes and rightfully, entirely in our minds, not seeing changes that are happening in the environment around us. The world for animals has been declining because of human waste, neglect. The climate may never be the same. But take notice of what small improvements could be made for our four-legged or feathered friends in the outdoors. It could mean saving some lives or even just improving their day. We often forget:
It’s their world. We live in it.


-Katie VanHouten 

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