From Nothing to Many Somethings

So, we all remember the painful emotions we experienced during our first year of college, right? I thought so. Just as many other first-year students, I was mortified of being away from home, especially when I was leaving my tight-knit family in Maryland for a shared apartment with an unfamiliar roommate in a foreign city. This caused me not to be involved in any clubs or organizations in my first year. Now, I have transformed nothings into many somethings!

In my second year at Temple, I have now gotten involved in numerous clubs, organizations, and programs. The first organization I got involved in was PRowl Public Relations. PRowl is Temple’s student-run public relations firm, which has allowed me to get hands-on experience with all things PR. Now, only my second semester in PRowl, I am the secretary. Also, related to public relations is communications. In our school, Klein, I have become the Student Director of Recruitment for the Communication Studies major. Serving as the student director of recruitment has led to other leadership positions, such as my recruitment internship with Temple Football. Working with Temple Football has led me to discover my true passion for sports and my intended career field.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 8.43.30 AM

If you had asked me what I envisioned myself doing on campus, it would not have been working with a football team, being a secretary, or being a student director. The same girl who sat in her room all of the freshman years would not believe me if I went back in time and told her what her future self was doing. Yes, getting involved on a new campus or environment might feel hard or give you anxiety, but in the long run, it’s worth it! Take it from me, the girl who went from doing nothing and turned it into many somethings.

-Sydneé Carter

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