Public Relations Trends Across the United States- East Coast Hustle-Bustle vs. Island Tropics Relaxed Vibes

Do you ever wonder why certain issues or items will gain popularity in one area of our nation and not the other? You’re unsure if it’s the frigid temperatures in the Northeast or the trade winds coming in from the Pacific Ocean? Our country is massive and it basically all comes down to one thing: population. More specifically, the public. The way that public relations firms handle their clients across the nation is sensibly unique to their area.

For instance, the population of New York City in 2019 is recorded as a whopping 8.54 million people versus the Chicago population at 2.68 million people and Honolulu’s population comes in at a staggering 337,256 people. You’d think that 80-degree weather in Hawaii would entice countless residents, but the price of real estate is astounding. The buying power of business owners in Honolulu is high-level but the purchases must be more delicate and specific considering the combination of residents in the city and the visitors. Oahu encounters an average of 500,000 vacationers per month, so you can do the math. That’s over 6 million sets of eyes each year that business needs to woo. So how do they do this?

A personalized approach for each client is the type of strategy Honolulu based public relations firms like Anthology Marketing Group, Inc., Bright Light, and Pineapple Tweed offer. Each one presents a variety of services, including communications strategy, event planning and coordination, graphic design, social media management, digital outreach, and media training. It’s a one-stop-shop for every client. When so many visitors are booking vacations and destination weddings, public relations firms must hold the vision of each business high in the sky to stand out to make that pinnacle life event special.

In the midwest, the chilly, windy city of Chicago does tend to keep consumers indoors; in actuality, humans in the United States spend 87% of their time indoors. So, it may not come as a surprise that Chicago is extremely tech-powered when it comes to public relations strategies for companies. Firms like Chicago Digital and 3Points Communications extend services like website solutions, earned media, owned media, and social media, concentrating on delivering these services to small and medium based businesses. The Chicago firms are mostly boutique-style, reaching clients with spot projects, special assignments, and special stories to brand the business.

In New York City, the unprecedented powerhouse of public relations and everything else business-related, public relations firms take a diverse approach than in other parts of the country as well as internally. Firms like Antenna are leaders in integrated public relations and marketing services for B2B companies in high-growth and high-impact markets that bring innovations to the surface for large and small companies. Other firms like Goldman McCormick Public Relations specialize in traditional media placement including TV, Radio, & Print as well as Podcasts. Firms in New York City must know their established audience and contemplate the 65.2 million tourists that will traipse through the crowds every year. Firms in New York city have to know it all and do it all while being overtly malleable for their clients to survive. We live in the land of opportunity and the age of innovation, regardless of your zip code. From the east to the west or the islands, the public has their eyes on your business.


-Katie VanHouten

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